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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [43]

ကံေလးမ်ိဳး အက်ိဳးေပး / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhamma Duta) Kyaikhto, 1356 (B.E.)
Describing the effects of four Kamma namely_ merit (white kamma), demerit (black kamma), mixture of merit and demerit (white and black mixed kamma) and neither merit nor demerit (neither white nor demerit (neither white nor black kamma) referring to the conversation of the Buddha and two heretics_Ponna and Seniya. Listen more
စိတၱာႏုပႆနာ အလုပ္ေပး တရား / U Janitalankara. [no date]
The benefit of practising Cittanupassana; how to perform Cittanupassana. Listen more
ဆရာေကာင္း နဲ႔ ေတြ႔ေစခ်င္တယ္ / Dr Ashin Chekinda (Dhammaduta) Taunzun, Apr 26, 1997.
Importance of meeting with perfect teacher while one becomes human being during sasana; seven characteristics of a perfect teacher. Listen more
တရားနာက်ိဳး အားထုတ္က်ိဳး / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhamma Duta) Kyonpyaw, 1357 (B.E.)
Explanation of: four nana (Sutamaya, Cintamaya, Bhavanamaya, Pativeda); two kinds of puthujjana; benefits of listening to the Dhamma and practising. Listen more
ဘုံသုံးဆယ့္တစ္ / Vanavasi Ashin Nyeyadhammasami (Maha Bodhimyaing Sayadaw) Jun 12, 1997.
Explaining how Tanha manage Loka with comparison of puppet show and stage of Loka; advice to escape from command of Tanha by having mindfulness. Listen more
ျမတ္ရတနာ သုံးစု / Vanavasi Ashin Nyeyadhammasami (Maha Bodhimyaing Sayadaw) Jun 13,
Instructing the correct ways of taking precepts, observing precepts and doing obeisance; expla-nation of different precepts (five, eight and ten precepts). Listen more
ေရာဟိတႆသုတ္တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Jan 26, 1958.
Instructing where and how to reach the end of Loka (i.e. Nibbana) with reference to the conversation of the Buddha and Rohita deva. Listen more
ေဝဒနာႏုပႆနာ အလုပ္ေပး တရား / U Janitalankara. [no date]
Dhamma exercise on Vedananupassana. Listen more
သုျဗဟၼသုတၱန္္တရားေတာ္ (၁) / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Jan 27, 1958.
Explained: what Sankhara Loka is; where one can find Nibbana; the nature of Nibbana; Anicca_ the end of Sankhara; Bojjhanga Magga_a practice to be free from grief. Advice to dislike both merit and demerit which create existences. Reference: Subrahma Sutta. Listen more
အေၿပာ နဲ႔ အလုပ္ အဟုတ္ညီရင္ / Dr Ashin Chekinda (Dhammaduta) Yangon, Dec 20, 2002.
Explaining about the person: who is known to be a Dhammakathika, who knows and practises insight knowledge, who attain Nibbana. In addition describe samvega nana and realizing the true Rupa. Reference_ the first Dhammakathika Sutta. Listen more

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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [42]

တဏွာသခၤယသုတ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Jan 24, 1958.
Observing to cease Tanha and attain Nibbana (i.e. to realize Vedana as Anicca); four Nupassi_ Anicca, Vihara, Nirodha, Parinibbana Nupassi; Dhamma necessary to realiza appearance and disappearance of Khandha; consequences of observing and forgetting to observe Vedana, advising to do the observation of Vedana as an everyday work (Acinnakam) referring to “Tanha Sankhara Sutta”. Listen more
တရားဘာေႀကာင့္ က်င့္ရသလဲ / Dr Ashin Pannissara (Dhammaduta) Bago, May 1, 2006.
Describing: five experiences that cannot foresee and objective of meditation referring to the Dhamma which the Buddha stated based on the talk of young bhikkhu Shin Samiddhi and a female deva. Listen more
မႏုႆဓမၼႏွင္႔ ဥတၱရိ မႏုႆဓမၼ / Dr. Bhaddanta Nandamalabhivamsa (Rector, ITBMU) Yangon, 1369 (B.E.)
Manifestation of Manussa Dhamma (ten good deeds) and Uttarimanussa Dhamma giving the story of the Bodhisatta Dhammapala as reference. Listen more
မာယာခရီး / Dr Ashin Pannissara (Dhammaduta) Bago, May 4, 2006.
Urging to observe all things as Rupa and Nama with Sati and Panna in order to escape from the seduction of five objects of sense or thought which are just the pretence deceiving life. Example story is about the prince "Telapatta". Listen more
ဝိပႆနာ အေျခခံ အေျဖမွန္ / Bhaddanta Vayaminda (Myauk-u Sayadaw) Mandalay, Sep 25, 2008.
Instructions of basic Vipassana practice. Listen more
သစၥာေလးပါးျမတ္တရား / Bhaddanta Vayaminda (Myauk-u Sayadaw) Mandalay, Sep 25, 2008.
Description of Sacca which includes: definition; result of not knowing Sacca; improving one's mind by realizing Sacca; nature of Khandha. Listen more
အက်င့္မွန္မွ နိဗၺာန္ရ / Dr. Bhaddanta Nandamalabhivamsa (Rector, ITBMU) Yangon, 1368 (B.E.)
Explaining the "Kukkuravati Sutta" that the Buddha stated to Ponna (who performed bovine practice) and Seniya (who performed canine practice) with intention for them to understand the four types of kamma, the wrong practices which prevent from attaining Nibbana and the correct way to gain Nibbana. Listen more
အနာထပိ႑ိကသုတ္တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Jan 25, 1958.
Description of important facts to be emancipated from Samsara (having perfect teacher, Yatherbhuta nana and Magga nana); Venerable Sariputta's teaching of how to die (i.e. observation of happenings and distructions) with reference to “ Anathapindika Sutta”. Listen more
အလႉဒါန () မ်ိဳး / Ashin Kundalabhivamsa (Saddhammaramsi SayaDaw) Yangon, 1365 (B.E.)
Describing six types of Dana (food, clothing, vehicle, light, monastery, Dhamma) and things suitable to offer in each type. Listen more
ဣေႃႏၵထက္ေၾကာင္း တရားတက္ေၾကာင္း () ပါး (၁၀) / Ashin Kundalabhivamsa (Saddhammaramsi
SayaDaw) Yangon, [no date]
Exhorting to strive until one reaches his destination i.e. Magga, Phala and Nibbana; importance of expounding Dhamma and practising; reason of not attaining fruition; example stories are Venerable Sariputta and Dhananjaya brahmin, Bhikkhu Manyadua, Ajatasattu. Listen more

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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [41]

စိတ္ကိုထိန္းမွ ခ်မ္းသာရ တရားေတာ္ (၁) / Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Chanmyay Sayadaw)  Oct 2, 1999.
Definning Metta and Tanha; why do people suffer?; controlling one's consciousness; the teaching that all the Buddhas stated repeatedly. Listen more
ေထရဝါဒမွတ္ေက်ာက္ / Ashin Javana (Metta Shin). Yangon, [no date]
Definition of Theravada; value of time; how virtuous person makes use of time and how stupid one wastes time; difference between arahat and putujjana; worshipping without three extremes; criterion of Theravada; religious questions and answers. Listen more
ပုဂၢိဳလ္ေလးမ်ိဳး တရားေတာ္ (၂) / Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Chanmyay Sayadaw) Apr 18, 1999.
Advising to do meritorious deed as much as possible, to avoid vices at all times and to keep one's mind pure. Example story_ King Maha- kappina. Listen more
ဖန္ဆင္းရွင္(၃)ဦး / Ashin Javana (Metta Shin). Yangon, [no date]
Explaining: the basic of a buddhist_ kamma and its effect; importance of Saddha, Panna and their balances; Kamma, Nana and Viriya_ the three essential energy to be success- ful; four things that should not be underestimate (fire,snake, prince, monk). Reference: Bahiya Daru- cariya Sutta and story of King Mahakappina. Listen more
မဆုံေသာလမ္း / U Sumangala (Daeou Sayadaw). Mandalay, Aug 22, 2006.
With reference to the story of Peppali lulin (Ashin Maha- kassapa to-be) and Bhadda Kapilani couple explained how living beings meeting again in Samsara is Dukkha Sacca. Listen more
မိုက္ဇာတ္သိမ္းၾကစို႕ / U Sumangala (Daeou Sayadaw). Mandalay, Jan 29, 2007.
Manifestation of five Sammoha_ Kamma, Dhamma, Piccaya, Lakkhana and Nibbana. Listen more
ရုပ္နာမ္သည္အၿမဲမရွိ ဆင္းရဲရွိ၏။ နိဗၺာန္သည္ ဆင္းရဲမရွိ အၿမဲရွိ၏။ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Jun 22, 1962.
Elucidation of the nature of Rupa and Namma and Nibbana. Listen more
ရွင္အႆဇိ ရဟန္းဝတၱဳ တရားေတာ္ (၁) / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Jan 3, 1958.
How Vipassana is more important than Samatha practice; ways of observing Vedana (Sukha, Dukkha, Upekkha) referring to the story of Ashin Assajji. Listen more
ေဝဒနာႏွင့္ငါမေရာေစႏွင့္ ေဝဒနာႏုပႆနာ အလုပ္ေပး
/ U Dhammasara (HsinphyukyunSayadaw)
Hsinphyukyun, Apr 1, 1988.
Describing : The Dhamma to practise and to avoid mentioned in Dhammacakkapavuttana; the process of Khandha; Vedananu- passana practice with reference to "Pakkuna Bhikkhu" story; how the dying putujjana can become Sotapanna, Sakadagami and Ana- gami; how Anagami can attain arahantship when near to death. Listen more
ဝိပၸလႅာသ တံတိုင္းၿပိဳေရး တရားေတာ္ / U Dhammasara (Hsinphyukyun Sayadaw) Hsinphyukyun, Apr 12, 1989.
Comparison of Ariya and Putujjana; manifestation of Veppallasa_ the cause of Papanca dhamma (tanha, mana and ditthi) with example story_ Patacari; importance of having excellent religious teacher to be knowledgeable and to realize the four noble truth giving Venerable Sariputta and King Ajjatasattu as examples. Listen more

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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [40]

ဒါန အႏုေမာဒနာ ကထာ တရားေတာ္ / Dr Ashin Nyanissara (Sitagu Sayadaw) Nov 20, 1977.
Mentioning: the benefits of Dana; correct prayer to make after performing Dana; where to invest one's properties (shrine, monk, person, guest, mother, father, elderly or honourable person).  Listen more
နိဗၺာန္ တံခါးဖြင့္ တရားေတာ္ / Bhaddanta Kumarabhivamsa (Bamaw Sayadaw) Jan 8, 2010.
Defining Nibbana; explaining eight characteris- tics of Vipassana nana which leads to Nibbana with reference to “Rupakkhandopama Sutta”; eighteen Dhatus. Listen more
နိဗၺာန္ အေၾကာင္း ရွင္းၿပပုံ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Jul 11, 1962.
Explanation of Nibbana referring to the Dhamma talk between the Buddha and Aggivaccha brahmin. Listen more
ဘယ္ကုသိုလ္ အၿမတ္ဆံုးပါလိမ္႔ / U Narapati (Phyu Sayadaw) Dec 18, 1983.
Detailed description of the best and highest merit(Vipassana) with reference to the “Velama sutta”. Listen more
ရွစ္ျဖာမဂၢင္ နိဗၺာန္ဝင္ (၁) / U Sobana (Mahasi Sayadaw) 1338 B.E.
Mentioning: the Noble Eightfold Path and its benefit; why the Buddha returned to Kusinara to passed into Parinirvana; discussion between the Buddha and Subhadda itinerant heretical (Parivrajaka); method of meditation. Listen more
ရွစ္ျဖာမဂၢင္ နိဗၺာန္ဝင္ (၂) / U Sobana (Mahasi Sayadaw) 1338 B.E.
Description of the Noble Eightfold Path and its practice; how to observe to have Vipassana nana; twelve samanas; different types of Sama- ditthi. Listen more
ေလာင္စာသိမ္း၍ မီးၿငိမ္းရာ နိဗၺာန္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Jul 12, 1952.
Explaining: the causes of not attaining Nibbana; dispelling ditthi; importance of realizing Paticca Samuppada with reference to the discussion between the Buddha and Aggivaccha brahmin.  Listen more
ဝိပႆနာ အားထုတ္ရၿခင္း အေၾကာင္း / U Narapati (Phyu Sayadaw) Jul 2, 1992.
The objective of meditation; why beings cast into the four Nether worlds (Apayas) and how to avoid these existences; causes of catastro- phes (famine, war and epidemic) and disasters (fire, flood and wind) and ways to prevent. Listen more
သုခေလးပါး / Dr Ashin Nyanissara (Sitagu Sayadaw) Feb 9, 1978.
Manifestation of four types of happiness with reference to Buddha's discourse to two divided groups of Sangha in the town of Kosanbhi. Listen more
အပါယ္ပိတ္ တရားေတာ္ / Bhaddanta Kumarabhivamsa (Bamaw Sayadaw) Dec 11, 2009.
Manifestation of four visuddhis: Sila visuddhi, Citta visuddhi, Ditthi visuddhi, and Kankha- vitarana visuddhi with variety of examples. Listen more

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