Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dhammapada 90 [Khuddaka Nikaya]

7 - Arahantavagga, The Arahat
1 - Jivakapanha Vatthu
Gataddhino Visokassa, vippamuttassa sabbadhi;
sabbaganthappahinassa, parilaho na vijjati.
90: For him (an arahat) whose journey is ended, who is free from sorrow and from all (e.g. khandha aggregates), who has destroyed all fetters, there is no more distress.
Reference: Mya Tin, Daw, tr. The Dhammapada: Verses and Stories. Rangoon: Burma Tipitaka Association, 1986.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Theravada Audio Dhamma (46)

Kovida, Dr Ashin (Majjhima Gonyi). သတိစြမ္းအား။ [Power of Mindfulness]. Insein, 6 December 2009.
Mentioned: what and how long people forgot; cause
of catastrophes;
results of mindfulness and heedless-
ness. http://goo.gl/7eyKpn

Revata, Ashin (Mula Kathitwine). ဝိပႆနာအလုပ္ေပး ၃၊ သမထတရား (၃) (၄)။ [Vipassana Exercise_Samatha]. [no date]
Include: seven mental actions; Appana Samadhi and
Samadhi; three ways of doing obeisance;
defeating new mental
action with Samatha; method
of combining Samatha and Vipassana
to attain
Nibbana; four facts of Magga Sacca; nature of
http://goo.gl/VkEddR; http://goo.gl/4sr0pQ
Silanandabhivamsa, Ashin. တရားရတနာတရားေတာ္။ [Dhamma Gem]. USA, 21 July 1991.
Described: definition of Dhamma; what is Dhamma;
to whom and
how the Dhamma hold; six attributes of
Dhamma; why Dhamma is
to be revered.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dhamma Info (29)

Charity for Birthday

If you want to do some meritorious deed for your birthday
you should be doing it always.
For you are born and you die every moment.
Janakabhivamsa, Ashin (Maha Gandharon Sayadaw). The Aphorisms. 1998.

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