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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [67]

ကုကၠဳစၥက လွည့္စားတတ္ပုံ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Jan 21, 1959.
The deceptive_ Kokkocca; incomparable worshipping to the Buddha; how Vipassana is dependable; way of thinking that the Buddha instructed.  Listen more
ဉာဏ္စဥ္သုံးပါး တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Feb 4, 1959.
Importance of having Sacca and Kicca Nana; explanation of Sacca, Kicca and Kata Nana.  Listen more
ဒီတရားနာၿပီးမွ ေသၾကပါ / Ashin Candasiri (Aung Cekkya Sayadaw) Yangon, [no date]
Include: the Buddha's Dhamma that is perfect from the be- ginning, in the middle and until the end; observing Vedana as Anicca; ways of death by Puthujjana and the best one; five experiences that concern with death which cannot be known in advance.  Listen more
ေပၚခိုက္ရႈမွ နိဗၺာန္ရ / Ashin Pannavara (Dhammaduta, Theinzayat) Yangon, Oct 2, 2010.
Describing: the brief method of Dhammanupassana; how to forbear in practising Vipassana; four meritorious deeds.  Listen more
ဘုရားႀကိဳက္တာ ပူေဇာ္ပါ / Ashin Candasiri (Aung Cekkya Sayadaw) Yangon, 1367 B.E.
Referring to the “Maha Parinibbana Sutta”, mentioned: two ways of worshipping and the one that the Buddha liked; reasons of worshiping and how to perform.   Listen more
ရွိဖို႔ထက္ သိဖို႔က အေရးၾကီးသည္ / Ashin Oattama (Thitsar Shwesi Sayadaw) Yangon, Oct 3, 2009.
Include: signs shown to the dying deva; explanation of the advices of devas given to the one who is about to die; why human life is valuable; how knowing is more important than having; seven gems of a virtuous person.  Listen more
သူေတာ္ေကာင္းတို႕ သြာရာလမ္း / Bhaddanta Kheiminda (Khinma- kan Sayadaw) Yangon, Feb 8, 2009.
Mentioned: the person who will definitely attain Nibbana (i.e. one who consistently has Saddha, Sila, Suta, Caga and Panna); six most important Dana in Samsara; summary of thirty seven Bodhipakkhiya.   Listen more
သန္႔ရွင္းေသာစိတ္ / Ashin Oattama (Thitsar Shwesi Sayadaw) [no date]
Explained: four kinds of person and the best one among them (ref: Calavasa Sutta); value of intelligence; objec- tives of offering to Samgha; the Dhamma talk between Ashin Sariputta and Ashin Maha Moggallana (ref: Anangana Sutta).  Listen more
အပူၿငိမ္းေအး ဘုရားေပး / Bhaddanta Kheiminda (Khinmakan Sayadaw) [no date]
Explaining: five kinds of heat; way to dispel Raga; how Kilesa is the warmest heat giving,Janapada Kalyani Theri” story as an example.  Listen more
အျမင္ရွင္းမွ ရႈရအဆင္ေျပ / Ashin Pannavara (Dhammaduta, Theinzayat) Yangon, Oct 1, 2010.
Defining Dhammanupassana; description of facts to know distinctly before observing Bhavana (i.e. Pannatti and Para- mattha; Atta and Anatta; work of Rupa and Nama; Cause and Effect).  Listen more

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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [66]

ဂိလာနသုတၱန္ () / Dr Ashin Nyanissara (Sitagu Sayadaw)
Yangon, Feb 1, 1973.
Explanation of Gilana Sutta_ in which the Boj-
jhanga Sutta was expounded by the Buddha to
Ashin Maha Kassapa (First Gilana Sutta) , Ashin
Maha Moggallana (Second Gilana Sutta) and
Ashin Conda (Third Gilana Sutta) du- ring their
Listen more
စာအံသံၾကားလို႔ တရားရ / U Narapati (Phyu Sayadaw) Yangon, Dec 21, 1997.
Similes of three Sasana, Dana, Sila and Vipassana; brief biography of the Buddha; Satipatthana and its benefits; how Satipatthana practice gives true happiness with refe- rence to “Pitamala” story; three Nana; the way Khandha is not patent; comparison of Samatha and Vipassana; six types of breaking the Vinaya rules (of monks); urging to perform insight meditation. Listen more
တရားေျခာက္မ်ဳိးရွင္း မိလိႏၵမင္းႀကီးႏွင႔္ အရွင္နာဂသိန္ အေမးအေျဖ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Jan 19, 1959.
Referring to the conversation between the king Milinda and Ashin Nagasin, mentioned, the Dhamma which are the results of Kamma, cause and weather and which are not. In addition, explained the three types of Nana level (weak, medium and strong) and urging to have a strong Nana which is completely unrelated to Kilesa.  Listen more
တရားဟူသည္ တရားေတာ္ (-) / Dr Ashin Eindaka (Nyaung Kan Aye Sayadaw) Yangon, [no date]
Explained: the abilities of the Dhamma; the Middle Way_ the Noble Eightfold Path; Maha Satipatthana Vipassana practice. Listen more
ေလာကဓံရွစ္ပါး တရားေတာ္ () / U Sobana (Mahasi
Yangon, 1326 B.E.
Explained: three loka; Worldy Vicissitudes; why puthuj- jana and Ariya face worldly Vicissitudes differently.
Listen more
ေလာကဓံရွစ္ပါး တရားေတာ္ () / U Sobana (Mahasi
Yangon, 1326 B.E.
How no one (including the Buddha) can escape from facing the worldly Vicissitudes and ways to face them. Listen more
ဝိပါက္ေတာ္ (၁၂)ပါး၊ ဝဋ္ေတာ္ (၁၂)ပါး () / Dr Ashin Nyanissara (Sitagu Sayadaw) Yangon, May 3, 1979.
Elucidation of: five Niyama (Law); the resultant Dhamma (reference_Tayocana story); austerities practised by the Bodhisatta Siddhattha as an effect of his verbal deed in one of his previous existences (reference_Pubbapilotika- kamma story).  Listen more
ေသနည္းသင္ေပးပုံ တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Man- dalay, Jan 20, 1959.
Include: two methods to die_ that the Buddha instructed; a kind of person who can attain Nibbana; observing Dukkha Sacca_ the basic to attain Nibbana. Listen more
အေမ႔ေက်းဇူးမေက် ငါမေသ / U Narapati (Phyu Sayadaw) Yangon, Jul 30, 1998.
Described: how great the parent's gratitudes are; ways of repaying the gratitudes of parents instructed by the Bud- dha; attributes of Venerable Sariputta; meditating like egret and fowl; advice to practise Satipatthana. Listen more
အပၸမာဒ တရားေတာ္ (-) / Dr Ashin Eindaka (Nyaung Kan Aye Sayadaw) [no date]
Mentioned: the routine propagation of Sasana by the Bud- dha; the Buddha's way of living; the last word (Appamade- na Sampadetha) of the Buddha prior to Parinibbana. Listen more

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