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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [74]

လာလမ္းသာ၍ ျပန္လမ္းေျဖာင့္ပါေစ () / Ashin Kumara (Dhammadhara) Wetlet, 1370 B.E.
Included: what human means; five existences that one can reach after death; mind that control the level of one's moral; types of person. Listen more
လာလမ္းသာ၍ ျပန္လမ္းေျဖာင့္ပါေစ (ဒု) / Ashin Kumara (Dhammadhara) Wetlet, 1370 B.E.
Explained: seven Dukkha that every one has to face; ten meritorious deeds that every one should perform. Listen more
ဝိပႆနာလမ္းမွ နိဗၺာန္သြားႏုိင္ပုံ တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Mar 23,1959.
Included: how Jara is like a thief robbing from khandha every day: short to the point practice to attain Nibbana for those who has weak Nana and Kamma; why one does not attain Nibbana in present life. Listen more
ဝဲၾသဃ တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mogok, Dec 5, 1959.
Regarding to Asava, mentioned: types, cause (Avijja), diversity, effect, cause of cessation and practice to cease Asava. Listen more
အေပ်ာ္ဆုံးေန႕() / Ashin Sujata (Metta Aye Sayadaw) Magwe, Jan 7, 2008.
Included: the best joy; advantages of merit and disadvan- tages of demerit; importance of disciplining children by parents. Listen more
အေပ်ာ္ဆုံးေန႕() / Ashin Sujata (Metta Aye Sayadaw) Magwe, Jan 7, 2008.
Described: three types of children; beautifying oneself; noble death with reference to "Dhammika Upasaka" story. Listen more
အဖိုးတန္စကားသုံးခြန္း / Ashin Pannananda (Sitagu Star) Yangon, Mar 25, 2006.
Explaining: the death sign of Deva; three valuable advices of devas to the one who is going to expire; discussion between the Buddha and a young Bhikkhu about these advices. Listen more
အေမ့ေမတၱာ သားလိမၼာ() () / Ashin Pannananda (Sitagu Star) Magwe, Dec 26, 2007.
Included: how the Buddha looked after the living beings; questions to ask oneself before performing Dana; power of Dana referring to the story of a slave girl "Ponna". Listen more(1) (2)
အ႐ႈံးထဲကအျမတ္ တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Pandita (Dvipitakadhara, Maniratana Sayadaw) Yangon, Sep11, 2005.
Advising not to satisfy oneself by performing Dana, Sila and Samatha only; to practise Vipassana so as to have a profitable life with reference to "Kantamata" story. Listen more
အဝိဇၨာႏွင့္ တဏွာ လကၤာရွင္းတမ္း တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Pandita (Dvipitakadhara, Maniratana Sayadaw) Yangon, Sep 11, 2005.
Mentioned sixty two Ditthi (fifty five Sassata Ditthi and seven Uccheda Ditthi); explanation of Mogok- Avijja and Tanha verse. Listen more

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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [73]

တရားေဟာပုဂၢိဳလ္ႏွင့္ တရားနာပုဂၢိဳလ္တို႔ လိုက္နာရမည္႔ က်င့္စဥ္ တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Mar 20, 1959.
Description of the practice that definitely make one to attain Nibbana at present life.  Listen more
ေတြ႕ႀကံဳ ဆုံကြဲ / U Kavidhajajoti (Kaung Hsu Wei) Minndon, Nov 14, 2010.
Explaining: the difference between wise and educated; two Loba (Sama loba and Visama loba); four Sukha; considering death; nature of life; discarding Sakkaya Ditthi.  Listen more
ဘဝအဆင့္အတန္း ()() / Bhaddanta Teijosara (Bago) Mandalay, 1370 B.E.
How to measure the standard of one's life and urging to be a high standard human who performs welfare of others, merit and Vipassana with reference to "Sel Thera Apadan".  Listen more()    ()
ဘယ္လိုေနမလဲ၊ ဘယ္လိုေသမလဲ / U Kavidhajajoti (Kaung Hsu Wei) Baypauk, Jan 6, 2010.
Mentioned: the way that Vipassana is in every
synchronization of Bhava and Vipassana; Cittanupassana; how to die (Vedananupassana).
Listen more
ဘယ္သူေတြ ေၾကာက္ေနလဲ / Bhaddanta Teijosara (Bago) Bago, Aug 19 2009.
Refering to "Maha Suta Soma Jataka" and "Maha Tontila Jataka", mentioned: those who frighten death and who doesn't; four types of death; where merit and demerit exist; cause of unfrighten to death; sign of next existence shown to one who experiences sudden death; the effect of unwholesome volition (Akusala Cetana).  Listen more
ယုတ္မာလွတဲ့ ဒုကၡ တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Punna Nanda. Saketa, Aug 25, 2005.
Describing the view of Ariya and Puthujjana on Sukha; despicable and disgusting Dukkha.   Listen more
အခ်ိန္ႏွင့္ အလုပ္ () () / Dr Ashin Kovida (Majjhimagonyi) Yangon, Apr 16, 2006.
Explanation of Noble Eightfold Path; advice to use time beneficially and to do Dana, Sila, Bhavana while one is alive with reference to "Subaddha Arahat" story.  Listen more()   ()
အနီးကပ္ ႏွိပ္စက္တတ္တဲ့ တရားကို သိၾကစမ္းပါ / Ashin Punna Nanda. Saketa, Aug 27, 2005.
Mentioned the characteristics of Anicca and Anatta; explanation of two characteristics of Dukkha_1.approach and persecuting nature and 2.attach and persecuting nature; observing appearance and disappearance.
Listen more
အနတၱက အနတၱကို အားကိုး ရွာေနပုံ တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mandalay, Mar 7, 1959.
Explanation of wrong depending of Anatta upon Anatta and the right view_Noble Eightfold Path.   Listen more
အမွီေကာင္းေလးရွာထားပါ / Dr Ashin Kovida (Majjhimagonyi) Mandalay, Sep 20, 2011.
Mentioned: the real dependable Dhamma_ Noble Eightfold Path; checking whether one has dependable Dhamma or not; Satipatthana practice.  Listen more

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