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Dhammapada 36 [Khuddaka Nikaya]

3 - Cittavagga, The Mind
3 - Ukkanthitabhikkhu Vatthu
Sududdasam sunipunam,

cittam rakketha medhavi,
cittam guttam sukhavaham.

36: The mind is very difficult to see, very delicate and subtle; it moves and lands wherever it pleases. The wise one should guard his mind, for a guarded mind brings happiness.

Mya Tin, Daw, tr. The Dhammapada: Verses and Stories. Rangoon: Burma Tipitaka Association, 1986.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dhamma Info (8)


Death being inherent,
Searching for death is truly inappropriate.
Since death being inherent,
Searching only for extinction of it is truly appropriate.
The danger of death, before its arrival,
Shall be reflected in anticipation.
Before death, if meditation is practised,
It is indeed appropriate.
When about to die, having bewilderment,
Will be inappropriate.
At death, not realizing Dhamma,
Will be a mistake.
Reference: Mottos, by Ashin Kundalabhivamsa (Saddhammaransi Sayadaw)

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Theravada Audio Dhamma (24)

Nyeyadhammasami, Vanavasi Ashin (Maha Bodhimyaing Sayadaw), လူ၏ အဓိပၸါယ္။ [Meaning of Human]. 30 June 1997.
With reference to the story of “Santati Minister”, advised to control one's consciousness to gain advantages while one got human life.  Listen more
Nyeyadhammasami, Vanavasi Ashin (Maha Bodhimyaing Sayadaw). သညာသိမွ ပညာသိသို႔။ [From Sanna to Panna Knowing]. 22 June 1997.
What knowing by Sanna and Panna means; changing Pannatti into Paramattha by having Sati in every actions.  Listen more
Sirindabhivamsa, Bhaddanta (Yaw Sayadaw). ပုညၾကိယာ ဝတၳဳ သုတၱန္ (၁)။ [Punna-kiriya-vatthu Sutta (1)]. Tuntay, 13 March 1989.
Explained: positive and negative indications that every persons who got Khandha have; the three merit-work bases; five dangers which threaten Khandha.  Listen more
Sirindabhivamsa, Bhaddanta (Yaw Sayadaw). ပုညၾကိယာ ဝတၳဳ သုတၱန္ (၂)။ [Punna-kiriya-vatthu Sutta (2)]. Tuntay, 13 March 1989.
With reference to Punna-kiriya-vatthu Sutta, mentioned the three processes (Dana, Sila and Bhavana) of setting power to the mind. Listen more
Vayaminda, Bhaddanta (Myauk-u Sayadaw). ေၾကာက္မက္ဖြယ္ရာ ဤခႏၶာ။ [Fearful Khandha]. Mandalay, 11 October 2008.
Referring to “Siha Sutta”, mentioned: two kinds of fright; necessary facts to obtain true happiness; advice to frighten Bhava Khandha.  Listen more
Vayaminda, Bhaddanta (Myauk-u Sayadaw). တစတစ စြန္႔မွရ။ [Have to Venture Gradually to Get]. Mandalay, 11 October 2008.
Explained: why Samsara is long; who is a stupid person?; how the work of merit needs venture.  Listen more

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