Saturday, June 27, 2009

Angulimala: the Victim of Information

Information technology is booming day after day.Tremendous information exist in various medias. In fact, all that glitters is not gold, it is wise to select valuable ones. Information can do good and or bad to people. Once, Angulimala was the victim of information.

It happened in the time of Buddha. The real name of Angulimala was Ahimsaka,meaning harmless.He was a student of the famous Bhramin guru. He was very strong and hardworking. Soon, he became a favourite student of the teacher.

Being jealous, some of his classmates gave false information to their teacher. Their information was: (1) Ahimsaka had seduced the teacher's wife (2) He bragged that he was wiser than the teacher. The teacher believed them. Then at the end of the training course, he demanded Ahimsaka to give him one thousand fingers as a final traditional gift.

The obedient student, Ahimsaka started to kill people and collected fingers. He strung fingers on a thread and wore it around his neck. Thus, he was called ''Angulimala'' which means necklace of fingers.

See, how bad information could changed a famous teacher into a bad one, and a harmless student into a brutal murderer.

The day arrived, when Angulimala had got 999 fingers. And he was wildly finding his last victim. Coincidentally, his mother came to warn him of the king's intention to arrest him. But he decided to slay her as his thousandth victim. At that moment, he saw Buddha and tried to catch him. But he failed. Instead, Buddha preached him. Some of the Buddha's words to him was: ''I had stopped harming living beings and you are still harming and hurting them''.

Finally, Angulimala mended his life afresh. He became a monk, then an arahant. These are the consequences of getting the good information from Buddha.

Certainly, the bad information creates miseries while the good one is beneficial. And so, why can't we contribute the valuable information?

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