Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Best Gratitude to Parents

The children need to rethink of the good things done for them by their parents. They must cultivate the four sublime states like parents for the reason that they will also become parents in the future. In this way the children are able to express their gratitude to parents for the present. Through this practice the children should seek how good and compassionate are the parents. Simultaneously they really know how difficult is for parents to boost and bring them up.

Whatever the children do will never be enough to repay what have been done for them by their parents. Hence the wise children should honour their mother and father till death. After their death the children should do meritorious deeds for them. If possible, the children should do whatever they can from now. Therefore the Buddha showed how to repay enough for parents. Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi makes it clear again:

But, monks, one who encourages his unbelieving parents, settles and establishes them in faith; who encourages his immoral parents, settles and establishes them in moral discipline; who encourages his stingy parents, settles and establishes them in generosity; who encourages his ignorant parents, settles and establishes them in wisdom __ such a one, monks, does enough for his parents; he repays them and more than repays them for what they have done.

In addition, the Buddha expounded obviously in the Mangala sutta: Matapitu upatthanam. This Pali stanza means, Looking after one's mother and father.

Let us make quite willingly our repayment of endless debts in response. May every children repay parents by the Buddha's way!

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