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Parents of the Buddha [1]

King Suddhona and queen Maha Maya were the parents of the Buddha. Also, Pajapati Gotami was worth to be one of his parents, as she nursed him at his very young age since his mother had departed.

King Suddhodana
Suddhodana was the son of King Sihahanu and queen Kaccana. They were of the Sakya tribe. He was an excellent sword-man and won many battles as a young prince. When he ascended the throne, he ruled his country, Kapilavatthu in justice. He married Maha Maya and Pajapati Gotami, both daughters of neighbourhood Koliya's king.
Twenty years after their marriage, he got a son named, Siddharttha Gotama by Maha Maya. Two sages among six, predicted that Siddharttha would be a Buddha and the rests said that he would either become a Buddha or an Universal Monarch.
King Suddhodana wanted his son to be like him, a king, but not a Buddha. Nevertheless, King Suddhodana definitely paid obeisance to his son for three times.
The first one took place when the king's teacher, the sage, Asita visited the baby prince. With surprised, the baby prince put his feet on Asita's head. Asita then examined the markings on the prince's feet and paid homage to him as a Buddha-to-be. On seeing this, king Suddhodana followed his teacher's act.
The second one occurred during the royal ploughing festival. Thinking that the prince was asleep, nurses left him alone under the shade of a tree and joined the ceremony. When they returned, they saw the prince meditating while sitting cross-legged, raised a few feet above the ground. They informed the king who paid an obeisance to his son.
Accepting the invitation of King Suddhodana through Kaludayi, the Buddha visited Kapilavatthu. With pride, the Sakyan elders did not visit the Buddha to pay homage. Only the younger Sakyans were sent.
So, the Buddha performed the miracle known as 'Twin Wonders'. He sent out red and blue rays that showed fire and water from either side of his body. Then only, the king and the Sakyan elders knelt down and paid homage to the Buddha. In fact, it was the king's third obeisance to his son.
King Suddhodana was the one who requested the Buddha, not to ordain a minor without the consent of his parents or guardians. The Buddha established the rule to do so.
King Suddhodana attained various stages of fruition while performing his royal duties. On the Buddha's first visit to Kapilavitthu, he became Sotapanna after hearing the discourse which included the verse that stated:
"Do not neglect the duty of going on alms-round; observe proper practice (in going on alms-round). One who observe proper practice lives happily both in this world and the next."
He offered meal to the Buddha in his palace and attained Sakadagami fruition after the Buddha preaching. And again became an Anagami after listening to the Buddha's Mahadhammapala Jataka. Finally, King Suddhodana gained an Arahatship on his deathbed when the Buddha came to see him and preached to him. A week later, King Suddhodana passed away as a lay Arahat.

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