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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [12]

ကံတရား၏ ဆန္းၾကယ္ပံု တရားေတာ္ / U Eindavudabhivamsa (Htoogyi Sayadaw). Aungpan, Jun 9, 2005.
The relationship between living beings and kamma; consequences of kamma, example story: Todeya and Suba; conversation of Venerable Ananda and Suba. <Dhammadownload Mp3 DVD Disc 01: 03>
စိတၱာႏုပႆနာရႈပြားနည္း အလုပ္ေပးတရား() / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw). [no date]
Description of Cittanupassana meditation method, giving “a spider in its web” as a reference to observe. <Dhammadownload အလုပ္ေပး (): 06>
စိတ္ယဥ္ေက်းက ခ်မ္းသာရ တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Chanmyay Sayadaw). Yangon, May 14, 1997.
What Nibbana is; bhavana; training the mind to be pure and attain happiness. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 02: 04>
ဆြမ္းစားဆင္ျခင္ရန္ / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhammaduta). Yangon, [no date]
Way to meditate while eating food; facts to consider by vegetarian; ten kinds of meat which should not be eaten; qualities to maintain before praying for the well-being of others; five extra rules for monks that Devadatta proposed to the Buddha and what the Buddha advised. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 03: 08>
နီးစပ္ရာပါတတ္သည္ / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhammaduta). Yangon, 1356 (B.E.)
Human realm: a junction to Nibbana and nether worlds; three vatta; whom to make friend; ways to attain Nibbana; the best consciousness among three. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 03: 07>
ဘာအေရးႀကီးဆုံးလဲ / Dr Ashin Pannissara (Dhammaduta). Bago, Aug 3, 2006.
The most important matter to do; causes that lead beings to nether world (greed, anger and delusion), to rescue oneself from becoming in nether world; practising Vipassana to attain Nibbana which is devoid of aging, sickness and death. <Dhammadownload 030>
မွားေနရင္ ၿပင္လိုက္ပါ / Dr Ashin Pannissara (Dhammaduta). Bago, Aug 5, 2006.
Practising the middle way. To observe own self with nana eye and correct immediately if there is any evil deeds. Accept and pay gratitude to those who correct one's wrong-doing. Importance of Noble eightfold Path. <Dhammadownload 031>
ေရွ႕ေရးကိုေမွ်ာ္ပါ တရားေတာ္ / U Eindavudabhivamsa (Htoogyi Sayadaw). Aungpan, Jun 8, 2005.
Basis of jati; to strive to attain the Noble Eightfold Path which can reduce one from cycling in samsara; how to scrutinise oneself of attaining the Noble Eightfold Path. <Dhammadownload Mp3 DVD Disc 01: 02>
ဣေျႏၵငါးပါး တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Chanmyay Sayadaw). Yangon, [no date]
Description of five indrias, defining three nana_Sutamaya nana, Cintamaya nana and Bhavanamaya nana. Sequence of indria. Sabhava lakkhana (Natural characteristics) and Saminnya lakkhana (Ordinary characteristics). Nature of four basic elements: earth, water, fire and air. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 03: 09>
ဣေႁႏၵၫွိနည္း အလုပ္ေပးတရား (-) / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw). [no date]
Balancing five indria: Viriya and Samadhi, Sadda and Panna, with constant Sati; example event of Venerable Ananda. <Dhammadownload အလုပ္ေပး (): 04-05>

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