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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [13]

စိတ္(၁၄)မ်ိဳးရႈပြားနည္း အလုပ္ေပးတရား / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw). [no date]
Fourteen consciousnesses to observe: six internal visitors, six external visitors and two hosts; to stalk and catch these consciousnesses using samadhi and nana (i.e. cittanupassana); necessity of discarding ditthi. <Dhammadownload အလုပ္ေပး (): 08>
စိတၱာႏုပႆနာရႈပြားနည္း အလုပ္ေပးတရား () / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw). [no date]
Observation of Khandha attentively with panna; selecting suitable type of satipatthana; cittanupassana practice. <Dhammadownload အလုပ္ေပး (): 07>
စိတ္မနာပါေစနဲ႕ / Dr Ashin Pannissara (Dhammaduta). Bago, Aug 6, 2006.
How khanda is always physically ill; three illnesses of khanda (ageing, disease and death); distinction between disease and feelings (vedana); the worst disease of khanda; practice to prevent consciousness from being in pain. <Dhammadownload 032>
ဘယ္သူတို႕က ကိုယ္ေစာင့္ၾကပ္ / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhammaduta).Yangon, 1358 (B.E.)
Who is the one that guard ownself and who isn't? Problem and solution which King Pasenadi Kosala made. And Buddha's decision. Differentiation of three well-springs of merit (i. e. absence of greed, anger and ignorance) and two well-springs of merit (i. e. absence of greed and anger but having ignorance.) <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 04: 02>
ရွိဖို႕မလွဴ သိဖို႕လွဴ / Dr Ashin Pannissara (Dhammaduta). Bago, Aug 7, 2006.
Manifestation of dana: objective, obstacles to perform, various prayers and their benefits, the best prayer to make. Example stories_Jotika-to-be and his brother; “Acamma poor woman. <Dhammadownload 033>
သင့္ေလ်ာ္ေသာအခါ တရားေဆြးေႏြးတာ မဂၤလာ / Ashin Kundalabhivamsa (Saddhammaramsi SayaDaw). Yangon, 1366 (B. E.)
Manifestation of discussing Dhamma which include: suitable time and person to discuss, types of discussions and how to discuss; different forms of breaking sila; discarding ditthi by Namarupa pariccheda nana, Pacchaya pariggaha nana and Sammasana nana; what preaching means and its benefits. <Dhammadownload DVD Disc 01: 92>
ဒယ႐ႈကြက္ () / Bhaddanta Vayaminda (Myauk-u Sayadaw). Yangon, Dec 5, 2007.
Difference between knowledgeable and non-knowledgeable person; explanation of four factors which can improve dhamma; controlling six Indrias. <Dhammadownload Ratana: 5-12-2007>
ဒယ႐ႈကြက္ () / Bhaddanta Vayaminda (Myauk-u Sayadaw). Yangon, Dec 6, 2007.
To have judicious consideration; example stories: King Kosala and Queen Mallika; Culalohita and Mahalohita pig brothers; vipassana meditation. <Dhammadownload Ratana: 6-12-2007>
တူမရွိေလးပါး / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhamma Duta).Yangon, 1359 (B.E.)
Manifestation of four non-comparable kilesa: passion (raga), anger (dosa), ignorance (moha) and craving (tanha). Referring to the Buddha's discourse expounded to five lay devotees, whose five hundred previous existences were continuously snake, worm, monkey, astronomer and mandra recital. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 04: 01>
အႏွစ္သုံးပါးတရားေတာ္ / Ashin Kundalabhivamsa (Saddhammaramsi SayaDaw). Yangon, Dec 31, 2002.
Encouraging to extract dana, sila and vipassana essence from one's possession, body and life; benefits of dana, sila and vipassana; defining saddha; way to practise general detailed meditation. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 01: 03>
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