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Online Bibliography of Dhamma [7]

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Buddhist Publication Society, 1995. _ 11p. _ (Bodhi Leaves No. B 26 ) Read more 
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Chah's Similes. Dhamma Garden, 1994; Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. _ 118p. _ Read more
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Jack Kornfield DharmaNet Edition, 1995; Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. _ 143p. _  Read more 
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Duties of the Sangha; tr by Thànissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff). 2nd ed. Bangkok: Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc., 1987. _ 94p. _ Read more 
Mogok Sayadaw, The [U Vimala]; tr by U Sway Tin. 
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Doing?  Dhamma Web, 2005. _ 97p. _ Read more 
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Dependent Origination; tr by U Aye Maung; ed by Bhikkhu Pesala. Yangon: Buddhasæsana Nuggaha Organization, 1982. _ 50p. _ Read more 

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