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Full Moon Day of Tawthalin, The Garudhamma Day

Good effect is the consequence of good cause. This fact is highlighted in many doctrines of the Buddha. What is the most essential in the human world?. Garudhamma Jataka mentioned the correct answer.

In one of the Bodhisatta existences, he was king Dhana├▒jaya Korabya, who ruled the city of Indapatta in the Kuru kingdom. During his reign, he and his people firmly kept the precepts. As a result, the country had good weather and rich crops. Also, the people in the country could live peacefully of being freed from diseases and disasters.

At Dantapura country, where king Kalinga was the ruler had drought. People suffered due to the shortage of water and crops. So, the king investigated why the country of king Korabya had been prosperous. He came to know that the power of Sila developed by the king Korabya and his people was the reason.

Then, king Kalinga and his people followed the Garudhamma. Their country Dantapura had good weather and became prosperous too. Precisely, these advantages were the effects of acquiring the Garudhamma.

Kurudhamma or Garudhamma is Pancasila, the five precepts, which the Buddhists observe today. According to Kurudhamma Jataka, the full moon day of Tawthalin (c. September) was regarded as the "Kurudhamma Day". As time went on, the word, Kurudhamma changes into Garudhamma.

Recognizing the full moon day of Tawthalin which occurred in the cultivation period as the Garudhamma Day showed how the Buddhists respected their morality (Sila). However, it is necessary to be replete and pure. Then only, one could certainly have the benefits of developing Sila.

Those who observes the five precepts will gain the following benefits:-
(a) being always mindful
(b) having good reputation
(c) being able to socialise with confidence and dignity
(d) being able to face death without any bewilderment
(e) being reborn in pleasant planes of existence after death

And the Buddha stated that observing precepts is like having a ladder to reach the upper Magga Nana.

Five precepts are the most basic, simple and beneficial morals for all people. Also, advantageous both to oneself and others if one can permanently observes them. They are:
Abstaining from
(1) killing beings
(2) stealing
(3) any sexual misconduct
(4) telling falsehood
(5) taking intoxicants

The noble-minded person always abstains from these evil deeds. Everyone can do so too. Therefore, I would like to urge to observe the five precepts, that is, Garudhamma from one person extending to the people in the whole world. It was called Kurudhamma because the people of Kuru kingdom practised. May you also have benefits like Kuru people as you develop Sila by observing the five precepts.

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