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The Buddha's Visit to His Birth Place, Kapilavatthu

The Buddha was residing at the Veluvana Monastery in Rajagaha. He was teaching a great number of disciples from the countries of Anga and Magaha. When his father, the King Suddhodhana heard about his venerable son, he sent ten ministers together with one thousand attendants each to invite the Buddha to Kapilavatthu from Rajagaha. The invitation was made ten times in separate action.

The first delegation of ministers arrived at the Veluvana. There was the Buddha preaching his discourse. At the end of the discourse, they all became arahants. As a result of the blissful peace of Nibbana, no one return back to the King. Similarly all the remaining groups also became arahants and the King got no message till the ninth delegation. The last delegation was led by the most trustwor- thy minister, Kaludayi who was the playmate of the Buddha.

Eventually, Kaludayi and his followers also became arahants by listening to the Buddha's discourses. But, he did not forget to invite the Buddha. Kaludayi Mahathera respectfully requestedthe Buddha to gratify his father and relatives.

 “Lord Buddha, this is the time of opportune moment to make a journey to Kapilavatthu with the comprehension of your father's gratitude. It is the month of Tabaung (March) which is pleasant and peaceful onset of the dry season. The old leaves had withered and fallen from the trees. There are young shoots sprang up on many plants. The scarlet sprouts were also growing here and there.The weather was neither too cold nor too hot. No scarcity of nutritious food was caused by the climatic effect because the field of crops had just been harvested. At that brilliant moment, the Lord Buddha with a glittering and emanating aureole to make a good journey was proper time.”

As such Venerable Kaludayi composed and uttered sixty four lyric verses describing the nature of environment. Then the Buddha accompanied with 20 thousand arahants left for his native land. It was the first waning day of Tabaung (March). The distance between Rajagaha and Kapilavatthu was sixty yojanas. They went one yojana a day and it took 60 days to arrive at Kapilavatthu. The Venerable Kaludayi made his journey by the psychic power before the Buddha's departure. So he had a chance to let the king know the Buddha's itinerary.

Making a journey to Kapilavatthu there were many consequences in the history of Buddha Sasana. As a result of listening to the Maha Dhammapala Jataka the king Suddhodhana became arahant. The step-mother Gotami attained the fruition of Sotapanna as well as the founder of Bhikkhuni Sasana. The “Sanda Kinnari Jataka” also came into prominence on the occasion of Yasodhaya. Again the asking for inheritance of the son Rahula was transformed into Bud- dhist heritage as a novice. Thus, Venerable Kaludayi, who was able to make the royal relatives paid homage to the Buddha obtained “Etadak of Kuluppasada”. Such many consequences as above, the releases from the suffering of Samsara were very enormous and wonderful success of religious propagation.

That was why, the fullmoon day of the month, Tabaung (March) was recognized as the “Buddha's Visit to His Birthplace” and all Buddhist people celebrated with meritorious deeds annually till today.

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