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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [80]

ကံေၿခာက္မ်ဳိး တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mogok, Dec 6, 1959.
Mentioned: knowing Kamma; cause of Kamma;
speciality of Kamma; result of Kamma; end of
Kamma; practice of ending Kamma; circulation
of Vutta.
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ေခမာမိဘုရား၏ မဂ္ဖိုလ္ရပုံ တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Mahagandharon Sayadaw) [n.d.]
Advice to require knowledge and do religious
works while having chance to be a human being
and met with good parents and teachers giving
"Queen Kema"as an example.
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ေျခာက္ဌာနတရားေတာ္ / U Eindavudabhivamsa (Htoogyi Sayadaw) Yangon, Oct 19, 2006.
Include: observation of Khandha by Nana while
listening to Dhamma; ways of discarding Ditthi;
three acquirements (Kama, Bhava and Dhamma); Papanca to dispel (Tanha, Mana and Ditthi).

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တရားကိုမွ ျမတ္ႏိုးသူ / Ashin Eindacarabhivamsa. Yangon,
1364 B.E.
Mentioned: the types of person with respect to
attaining enlightenment; advantages of revering
to Dhamma. 
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ဒုကၡေၿခာက္မ်ဳိး တရားေတာ္ / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Mogok, Dec 7, 1959.
Described: knowing Dukkha; cause of Dukkha;
speciality of Dukkha; result of Dukkha; end of
Dukkha (Nibanna); practice of ending Dukkha.
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ပုဏၰား(၆)ေယာက္ တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Maha-gandharon Sayadaw) [n.d.]
Mentioned: how to become deva and brahma;
advice to extract essence ( the cause of attaining
Nibanna) from the useless Khandha.
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မီးသတိျပဳ / Bhaddanta Sirindabhivamsa (Yaw Sayadaw) [n.d.] 
Manifestation of the Buddha's two last words_ "Appamadena Sampadetha".  Listen more
ေမတၱာစြမ္းအား ေန႔စဥ္ပြား / Ashin Eindacarabhivamsa. Yangon, 1358 B.E.
Elucidation of Metta which include_ definition;
Metta meditation and its benefits with reference
to various Sutta such as Metta Sutta, Kula Sutta,
Ogha Sutta and Velama Sutta.
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ေမတၲာတရား လူ႔႔႔စြမ္းအား (၁) / Bhaddanta Sirindabhivamsa (Yaw Sayadaw) Yangon, Feb 2, 1996. 
Explaining the four manners of noble person,
that is, patience; compassion, rejoicing at others
success or prosperity and loving kindness.
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ဝိပႆနာတစ္ခ်က္ရႈတိုင္း ကိေလသာ ပါးပါးသြားရင္း အပါယ္တံခါး ပိတ္ပံု / U Eindavudabhivamsa (Htoogyi Sayadaw) Yangon, Sep 26, 2006. 
Mentioned the way that Vipassana practice
discards Kilesa gradually and prevents one
from casting into Apaya.
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