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Theravada Audio Dhamma (1)

Javana, Ashin (Metta Shin). ေထရဝါဒ မွတ္ေက်ာက္။ [Criterion of Theravada]. Yangon, [no date]
Definition of Theravada; value of time; how virtuous person makes use of time and how stupid one wastes time; difference between arahat and putujjana; worshipping without three extremes; criterion of Theravada; religious questions and answers.  Listen more
Javana, Ashin (Metta Shin). ဓမၼအေမြ။ [Dhamma Heritage]. Yangon, [no date]
Advising to do regular merit (Acinna Kamma); explanation of Namotassa prayer and five precepts; benefits of Three Refuges and example; result of Amisa and Dhamma inheri-tances with variety of stories; what Sotapanna; Pannatti, Paramattha and Nibbana mean; religious questions and answers.  Listen more
Nyanissara, Dr Ashin (Sitagu Sayadaw). ေထရဝါဒနိဒါန္း တရား။ [Introduction to Theravada].  Yangon, 2 Jun 2000.
Mentioned: what Theravada Sasana is; the strange characteristics of Theravada Sasana; how Ashin Maha Kassapa was respectable and three principles that he laid down in Sangha Convention; the First Great Sangha Council; division of Sasana into Theravada and Mahasanghika.   Listen more
Nyanissara, Dr Ashin (Sitagu Sayadaw). ေထရဝါဒ သဂၤါယနာတင္ တရား။ [Theravada Synod].  Yangon, 3 Jun 2000.
Described: Bhikkhu Aprihaniya (Prosperity of Bhikkhu and Sasana) and Raja Aprihaniya (Prosperity of King and Sasana); eight requests of Ashin Ananda to the Buddha before accep- ting the post as the Buddha's personal attendant; celebration of the First to Sixth Great Sangha Councils; Parinibbana (final cessation) of Venerable Ananda.  Listen more
Sumangala, U (Deou Sayadaw). ဓမၼေက်းဇူး။ [Benefit of Dhamma]. Pyinoolwin, 4 May 2008.
Defining Dhamma, Sila, Samadhi and Panna; benefits of Dhamma; how Dhamma cannot be ruined; why the world is miserable; advice to become a person who keeps Dhamma. Listen more
Sumangala, U (Deou Sayadaw). ဓမၼအား။ [Strength of Dhamma]. Myinkaseik, 23 Jan 2009.
How Sila, Samadhi and Panna secure one's life_indicating the strength of Dhamma; example story: “Tontila pig brothers”. Listen more

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