Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dhamma Info (6)

Tanha is a poison. Those who perform meditation avoid the poison and those who doesn't is still drinking it.
ဝိမလ၊ ဦး (မိုးကုတ္ဆရာေတာ္)။ တရားနည္းျပ အလုပ္ေပး တရားေတာ္။
Tanha and Upadana
The dog bites the stone instead of the person who threw it.
Likewise, people fear of death rather than Tanha and Upadana which lead them to death.
ဝိမလ၊ ဦး (မိုးကုတ္ဆရာေတာ္)။ ေသမင္းတမန္ သတ္နည္း တရားေတာ္။
Builder Tanha
A carpenter builds house whereas Tanha builds Bhava.
ဇနကာဘိ၀ံသ၊ အ႐ွင္။ ဘိကၡဳႏွင့္ သမဏ တရားေတာ္။
Tanha to Upadana
Don't neglect a spark because it is small. It can become a flame. Similarly, if one neglects a small Tanha, it will become a big flame_Upadana. This Upadana cause Kamma (Action) and the result is getting Khandha which means suffering (Dukkha).
ဇာေနယ်၊ ဘဒၵႏၲ (ျမစိမ္းေတာင္ဆရာေတာ္)။ ႏွလုံးသြင္းမွန္မွ တရားရ တရားေတာ္။  
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