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Theravada Audio Dhamma (26)

Candasara, Ashin (Kyaung Kone) မေသေသးခင္ သြားလမ္းျပင္။ [Prepare for the Return Journey Before Death]. Dawei, 1372 B.E.
Explained: two types of person; five things that cannot be known in advance; advice to practise Vipassana asap giving the story of a weaver girl. Listen more
Candasara, Ashin (Kyaung Kone) အျမဲေန႔ည ဆင္ျခင္ၾက။ [Always Consider Day and Night]. Dawei, 20 September 2009.
Mentioned: five things to consider consistently; how to consider and its benefits. Listen more
Kovida, Dr Ashin (Mijjimagonyi). ေနဖို႔လည္းျပင္ ေသဖို႔
လည္းျပင္။ [Prepare Both to Live and to Die]. Yangon, 1
December 2009.
Include: comparison of mindful person and forgetful person; way to prepare for death. Listen more
Kovida, Dr Ashin (Mijjimagonyi). ဘယ္လိုျပန္ၾကမွာလဲ။ [How Will You Return?]. Yangon, 5 November 2009.
Advice to practise Vipassana and leave good history rather than doing evil and have miserable death. Also, explained the importance of Saddha and Panna in attaining Nibbana. Listen more
Revata, Ashin (Mula Kathitwaing Sayadaw). ဝိပဿနာ အလုပ္ေပး(၁)၊ သီလေပး (၁)။ [Vipassana Exercise (1): Sila (1)]. [no date]
Explained: real worshipping to the Buddha; what Nibbana is and its location; difference between Putujjana and Ariya; causes of rebirth in Apaya; why beings reborn in Apaya repeatedly; old and new Kamma; seven mental actions; ways to discard Ditthi. Listen more
Revata, Ashin (Mula Kathitwaing Sayadaw). ဝိပဿနာ အလုပ္ေပး(၂)၊ သီလေပး (၂)။ [Vipassana Exercise (2): Sila (2)]. [no date]
Described: ways to check Samma Sila by three charac-teristics (right speech, right action and right livelihood); layman's Sila; Miccha Sila; brief and elaborate methods of observing five precepts; how Sila in combination with Vipassana practice is necessary to prevent from rebirth in Apaya. Listen more
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