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Theravada Audio Dhamma (28)

Ghosita, U. ပဋိစၥသမုပၸါဒ္ ႏွင့္ ကမၼဘဝ႐ွင္းတမ္း။ [Clarification of Paticca Samuppada and Kamma Bhava]. 14 April 1994.
Explaining: why beings are confused in mind; eight connections such as two origins, two Sacca, four layers, twelve characteristics, three relations, three Vatta, three times and twenty matters; Kamma Bhava. Listen more
Ghosita, U. ေ႐ွးအတိတ္ ကံစြမ္းအားေၾကာင့္ ျဖစ္ေပၚလာပုံ တရားေတာ္။ [Arise Because of the Power of Past Kamma]. 14 April 1993.
Include: three relations of Paticca Samuppada (Sankhara and Vinnana; Vedana and Tanha; Kamma Bhava and Jati); Sassata and Uccheda-ditthi; three consciousness; Nama and Rupa; size and development of Rupa; twelve Ayatana and eighteen Datu.
Listen more
Jotika, U (Pakhokku Airport Sayadaw). ပုဂၢိဳလ္ဆယ္မ်ိဳး တရားေတာ္။ [Ten Types of Person]. Sydney, 4 Mar 2011.
Mentioned: Ajivatthamaka Sila; ten types of person that the Buddha stated; the one which the Buddha praised; why the Buddha preached this discourse. Listen more
Jotika, U (Pakhokku Airport Sayadaw). ေလာကဓံ။ [Worldly Vicissitudes (Loka-dhamma)]. Sydney, 5 Mar 2011.
Explained: the difference between keeping ordinary Sila and special Sila; eight kinds of Lokadan; how virtuous person and stupid one faces the Worldly Vicissitudes. Listen more
Pannavara, Ashin (Dhammaduta, Theinzayat). ေနာက္
ေၾကာင္းျပန္ေတြး စိတ္မေလးနဲ႔တရားေတာ္။[Don't Look Back
the Past and Worry]. Theinzayat, 13 April 2011.
Include: how khandha and attributes are different; to amend the wrong doing of the past instead of worrying; Nibbana can surely be attained if one has objective and strives to do so.  Listen more
Pannavara, Ashin (Dhammaduta, Theinzayat). ဘဝလမ္းခြဲ။ [Branch Line of Life]. Bilin, 14 Jan 2013.
Described: way to associate and depart among family members; how practising meditation is necessary in all ages of life; facts to do for the prosperity of race, religion and dispensation of Sasana; advice to reduce attachment and to develop loving kindness (Metta).  Listen more

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