Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dhamma Info (14)

Ten Types of Married Woman (Wife)
1. One money-bought (Dhanakkita);
2. A desire cohabitant (Chanda vasini);
3. A wealth cohabitant (Bhoga vasini);
4. A cloth cohabitant (Pata vasini);
5. A water-bowler (Odapattakini): family elders dip her  and his two hands into a bowl of water, wishing that they  be joined like the water, not to part;
6. One with removed (carrying) pad (Obhata cumbata): she becomes his wife by having her head pad (for carry loads) removed by him;
7. A slave and wife (Dasi ca bhariya ca);
8. A worker and wife (Kammakari ca bhariya ca);
9. One flag-brought (Dhajahata): a captive taken in conquered territory, where the flag has been raised;
10. A momentary wife (Muhuttika): a prostitute.
The Workings of Kamma, by Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw.
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