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Theravada Audio Dhamma (35)

Revata, Ashin (Paauktoya). လူ ့အဆင့္အတန္း။ [Human Standard]. 26 Mar 2007.
Described: different kinds of human standard; recognition of standard; three reasons that the bodhisatta entered into the jungle as a recluse; sensuality.
Revata, Ashin (Paauktoya). အ႐ုဏ္ႏွင့္ ဆည္းဆာ။ [Dawn and Twilight]. 14 Jan 2007.
Explained: how birth and death are like dawn and twilight; ways to live as a valuable wise person between birth and death; a wise person that the Buddha mentioned; benefits of Dana, Sila and Bhavana.
Silanandabhivamsa, Dr Ashin. ဘုရားရတနာ (၁)။ [The Buddha Ratana (1)]. July 1991.
Mentioned: three jewels to take refuge; what Buddha is and what he knew; wonders of the Buddha; four Noble Truth; Anatta.
Silanandabhivamsa, Dr Ashin. ဘုရားရတနာ (၂)။ [The Buddha Ratana (2)]. July 1991.
Include: preference of the Buddha to the freedom of thought; facts that should not be accepted easily as correct ones; the nature law of Buddhism; how the Buddha rejected the discrimination of social class; the most hardworking person, the Buddha.
Vilasagga, Ashin (Saddhammaransi). ဘုံဘဝေစာ္မနံနဲ ့။ [Don't be Smelt Like Realm Life]. [no date]
Mentioned: Atta ditthi; whether Dana and Sila definitely send to celestial realm; influence of Avijja; practising Vipassana means; purified Dana, Sila and Bhavana.
Vilasagga, Ashin (Saddhammaransi). သခၤါရပစၥယာ ဝိညာဏံ။ [Sankhara Piccaya Vinnanam]. [no date]
Explained: sense objects and consciousness; Sakkaya ditthi; contemplation of mind.
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