Thursday, October 2, 2014

Theravada Audio Dhamma (37)

Candavarabhivamsa, Dr Bhaddanta (Kyaikkalot Sayadaw). အေျပာခႏၶာႏွင့္ သေဘာခႏၶာ တရားေတာ္။ [Verbal Khandha and Natural Khandha]. Singapore: 13 August 2014.
Elucidation of Verbal and Natural Khandha; Dos and Don't in Vipassana practice.
Kumara, Dr Ashin (Dhammadhara). ေဗာဓိသတၱ ဘုရားေလာင္း(၁) (၂)။ [Bodhisatta]. Singapore: 1 July 2014.
Mentioned: two kinds of religion (real and unreal); five benefits of listening to Dhamma; pre-work and suitable places for insight meditation; eight characteristics of Bodhisatta; ten Perfections; the great five sacrifices; the great five considerations. (01) ;

Visuddha, Ashin (Nyaung Kan Aye). အျပစ္ကင္းေပ်ာက္ ခ်မ္းသာေရာက္ဖို ့တရားေတာ္။ [To Be Free from Misdeed and Have Peacefulness]. Singapore: 14 September 2014.
Include: objective of the discourse; misdeed defined by buddhist; ten misdeeds; difference between knowing and not knowing evil; three facts to be faultless (good mind, good friend and listening to religious sermon properly); importance of wisdom and mindfulness; four Sampajanna. 
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