Monday, February 2, 2015

Theravada Audio Dhamma (41)

Nandamalabhivamsa, Dr. Bhaddanta (Rector). စိတ္၏အညစ္ အေၾကးမ်ား။ [Impurities of Mind]. Yangon: 1370 B.E.
Described: natural mind; fourteen dirt of mind; purification of mind.
Nyanissara, Dr Ashin (Sitagu Sayadaw). သင္ၾကားျခင္းႏွင့္ သင္ယူျခင္း။ [Teaching and Learning]. Mandalay: 1370 B.E.
Mentioned: how Asia is a Noble Continient; four races; whom to do obeisance; qualification of teacher and student; teaching and learning balance; way to be a wise man.
Sumangala, U (De ou: Sayadaw) သစၥာမိုး (၁)။ [Sicca Rain (1)]. Katha: 2006.
Include: why the Boddhisatta started with Dana Parami to become the Buddha; how Dana is one of the causes to attain Nibbana; the true Dana; advice to know the true Dana and to practise.
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