Thursday, June 25, 2015

Theravada Audio Dhamma (45)

Candasara, Ashin (Kyaungkon Sayadaw). လွတယ္ဆိုတာဘယ္မွာလဲ။ [Where is the Beauty?]. Tavoy, 29 Sep 2009.
Explained: two types of reforming oneself; how
nothing is beautiful in Khanda.

Sobhana, Ashin (ShweMyintMo Sayadaw). ယခုေနာင္ခါ ခ်မ္းသာေရး။ [To be Peaceful Now and Then]. Yangon, 25 Jan 2014.
Mentioned: four Sampadha; four facts to be ruined;
four facts to be prosper at present; four facts to be
peaceful in future life; thirteen types of conscious-
ness; observation of hearing consciousness and
Dosa (anger) consciousness.

Teijosara, Ashin (Chin Taungdan Propagating Sayadaw). [Giving the Precepts]. သီလေပး။ Yangon, 2 Aug 2012.
Include: clarification of taking precepts_objectives of
making obeisance with Okasa supplication, solicita-
tion for the precepts, adoration to the Buddha, taking
of three refuges; the starting days of Dhamma and
Samgha refuges; advice to keep precepts taken
without breaking any of them.

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