Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dhamma Info (30)

Eight Vijja attained by the Buddha

Vijja is knowledge, the light. The Buddha attained the following forms of knowledge at the First Watch of the night on Wednesday, the full moon of the month of Kason, Great Era. (103):
1. The knowledge of recollection of past lives.
2. The knowledge of divine eyes.
a. the knowledge of passing away and reappearance.
b. the knowledge of destiny according to one's deeds.
c. the knowledge of future.
3. The knowledge of cessation of taint or canker (Asava).
4. The knowledge of supernormal power.
5. The knowledge of divine ears.
6. The knowledge of penetration of mind or knowing other's mind.
7. The knowledge of insight (Vipassana).
8. The knowledge of transformation of self or of creation of mind-made self out of the same body.
Reference: Fundamentals of Buddhism by Ashin Eindaka (Nyaungkanaye Sayadaw). 2009.
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