Saturday, July 18, 2009

Non-Idol Worshiper

If one has a lack of knowledge in Buddhism, he will not know Buddhist customs and traditions. On this account, he can't get a real essence of the Buddha's Dhamma.

In Buddhist tradition, it is customary for Buddhists to build the Buddha images or pagodas. It is also to plant a Bodhi tree in every temple. These customs are to serve as religious objects of veneration.

I take it on trust. Buddhists do not normally pray to idols. I'm not also idol worshiper. What I do is to pay homage to a great teacher who is an exalted one. Our Buddha statues are built as a sign of respect. All Buddhists greatly appreciate for a highest achievement of enlightenment. To me, a Buddhist, the statue is only a mark of representation to recall the Buddha.

The devout ones are not to take worldly chances from the statue. Buddhists pay respect to the great virtues and sanctity of honourable unique teacher as represented by statue. So, whoever else say Buddhists as idol worshiper, I do appreciate and respect the Buddha's attributes which remain forever.

The Gotama Buddha was the only preacher who had a right way to liberation from cycle of rebirths (samsara). The Buddha has also taught us to ''Honour those who are worthy of honour.'' That is shown in Pali as: ''Puja ca puja neyyanam,'' in the Mangala Sutta.

That is why I have a profound admiration for the Buddha who is worthy of honour.

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