Saturday, July 25, 2009

Real Honourable Ones

In the Mangala Sutta, the Buddha preached the devas and men at Jetavana monastery near Savatthi. One of His words in Pali ''Puza ca puzaneyyanam.'' It means to honour those worthy of honour.

In my young age, I was not sure to whom I have to pay honour clearly. I thought that there were many elders, teachers, laity, monks, etc. around me. I know vaguely how to select priority. So I learn deeply the Dhamma of the Buddha in search of this information. When I become adolescent, I definitely analyse what the worthy of honour is.

According to the Buddhist traditions, there are five revered ones in order of merit. These are the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha, the Parents and the Teachers.

I have shown how to worship to the Buddha. It is also the same way to the Dhamma and the Sangha serially. Likewise the Buddhists pay respect to their parents and teachers. I do also revere them at all times.

It is said to be 'Pavarana' celebration of Theravada Buddhism on the full moon day of the month of Vassa, the end of Buddhist Lent. Since the time of the Buddha, on this day, each monk must arrive before the group of monks (Sagha). A monk begs one's pardon of any deed which might have displeased any other among Sangha during the Vassa. Similarly there is also in practice among the laity of doing homage to the parents, the teachers, the elders and venerable people, It is a cultural tradition initiated on the example set by the Buddha.

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