Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sumedha and Sumitta

During the time of paying homage to the Dipankara Buddha, in the audience there was a lady known as Sumitta (Yasodhaya-to-be). As soon as that lady saw the hermit Sumedha she became highly pleased because of predestination determined by their past deeds. She also thought that she had been contented to get her life for meeting the hermit.

So, she left 3 bouquets out of 8 bouquets of lotus she had. It is for herself for her own aspiration. She offered the hermit 5 bouquets, praying in her mind. From laying prone, the hermit paid homage to the Buddha, with the lotus that Sumitta gave.

At that moment of laying prone, the hermit firmly vowed,

“I can accomplish arahantship by listening to the teachings of Dipankara Buddha. But, I will become an Enlightened One and I am able to make all beings liberated from samsara, and it's not suitable alone to get away from responsibility. Like the Dipankara Buddha I aspire to becoming a Buddha.”

Thus, Ascetic Sumedha gave up his resolution for a great compassion. Meanwhile, Dipankara the Buddha standing near the head of ascetic Sumedha, said preordainment of event to him,

“This hermit who lies here as a bridge at the risk of life, will make his aspiration to become Gotama the Buddha like me in future. His aspiration will come true.”

The crowd jostled and acclaimed the Buddha's preordainment. All beings at the scene rejoiced at this auspicious phenomena by crying out “Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!” (Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!).

After that, Dipankara the Buddha started to move on with deviation from the hermit. The Bodhisatta Sumedha also joyfully got up from his laying prone and was sitting across-legged. He then considered the Dhamma on the Buddha-to-be and comprehended the ten perfections in serial order. Sumedha thus set out on the development of the “Ten Perfections” (Dasa Paramis). In consideration of the power of wisdom again the violent earth-quake had happened.

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