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Gotama the Buddha

At sun-set, sitting on the Aprajita Pallanka the Bodhisatta won over the Mara (Demon), the evil one. The victory was because of his perfections which had been done for four asankheyyas and one hundred thousand kappas. After that he attained pubbenivasa nana (faculty to recall past existence) at nightfall. At midnight he attained dibbacakkhu nana (super-human vision). At dawn the Bodhisatta achieved asavakkhaya nana (the noble insight, arahatta magga citta) that is absolute eradication of all defilements (kilesa) in mind.

Then he had attained subbannuta nana and became the supereme Buddha, the Exalted One, the Enlightened One. That was in 103 Maha Era (588 BC) on Wednesday, the full moon day of Kason. He was 35 at that time. The earth shook heartily and severely due to the power and glory of Buddha's enlightenment. He stayed at the seven places (satta sattaha) for seven days each to achieve fruition, to show miraculous power, and to take into consideration of abhidhamma.

From that time onward, the Buddha was indeed experienced the noble truth in the ultimate purity. So, he became a Sammasambuddha. In bhadda kappa the Gotama Budha was the fourth noble one, endowed with nine attributes. The Exalted one is:  
  1. indeed worthy,  
  2. fully self-enlightened, 
  3. perfect in knowledge and conduct, 
  4. well-gone or well-spoken, 
  5. knower of the worlds, 
  6. incomparable in taming beings, 
  7. the teacher of gods and men, 
  8. enlightened, and 
  9. blessed. Also incomparable, the most honourable, the most difficult to see, rare and worthy of treasure in the universe was the only Lord Buddha.
The Buddha reached to Ajapala Bodhi tree from Rajayatana. Soon after reaching, he bore upon Dhamma in his mind and realized that the Dhamma is too much subtle for the wisdom of layman (puthujana). Most people's mind is full of three, namely greedy (loba), angry (dosa), and ignorance (moha). The Dhamma against these three does not deserved them. So, the Buddha had nature of things not to preach. At the request of Sahampati Brahma, the Buddha made a promise. Since then he began his ministry within the span of life. He then went to Migadavon forest.

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