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The Leper Suppabuddha Became Deva

All beings depend on their own deeds. Each one has to reap what he sowed. Thus, nothing is strange that the leper Suppabuddha became deva.  

Suppabuddha was a richman's son in his previous birth. He was proud of being rich and looked down upon others. Once, on his way to a garden, he met a Paccekabuddha going for alms-round. Regarding as a prowling leper in his mind he spat rudely upon the Paccekabuddha and left. For this evil deed, he had to suffer in the hell for many hundreds thousands of years. Then he became a poor, miserable leper, namely Suppabuddha.  

While begging for food, the leper Suppabuddha saw a large crowd of people from a distance. He thought he would get some food if he went there. When he did so, he found the Buddha, preaching the Dhamma to that assembled of people. Willingly, he sat at the back of the crowd and listened attentively to the Buddha's discourse. Soon, he attained Sotapatti Fruition.

Suppabuddha wished to inform about his achievement to the Buddha. So he followed the Buddha to the monastery. The devas' king, Sakka approached Suppabuddha to test his faith in Tisarana: the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. The Sakka bargained Suppabuddha to give him immense wealth if he denied his belief in the Tisarana. Suppabuddha replied that he was no longer a poor helpless leper. He certainly was a rich person possessing the seven attributes of the ariyas. Wealth is nothing for him and thus no way to deny his faith in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha.

After reporting his attainment of Sotapattiship to the Buddha he left the monastery. On his way, a wild cow attacked him to death. He was reborn in Tavatimsa as a deva, outshinning in beauty and in glory than others.

Three existences of Suppabuddha: a rich man, a leper and a deva undoubtedly showed that every beings have to accept the effect of the cause that they themselves did.

In Dhammapada verse 66, the Buddha said: ''With themselves as their own enemies, fools lacking in intelligence, move about doing evil deeds, which bear bitter fruits''.

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