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Seven Co-natals (Sahajata) of Siddhattha Gotama (2)


Kaludayi was the son of King Suddhodana's minister. He was an Advisor of the king.

While the Buddha was staying at the Veluvana monastery, his father Suddhodana wanted to see him. So he sent nine groups of courtiers one by one to invite the Buddha to Kapilavatthu. It was in vain as all of them became arahats and did not return. Finally, the king sent Kaludayi with promise to let him enter the Order.

When Kaludayi arrived there, he became a monk and soon attained arahatship. He then invited the Buddha to visit Kapilavatthu. Buddha accepted it.
The Buddha and his twenty thousands of arahats started the journey of sixty yojanas on foot. As they covered one yojana a day it took two full months to reach the city.
During this time, Kaludayi Thera informed day to day progress of the trip to the king. To do so, he travelled in the air by his supernatural power.
Eventually, the king and Thera Kaludayi had fulfilled their wishes vice versa.
Channa was a royal servant of King Suddhodana. He served as a charioteer of Siddhattha. Channa also took care of him and they were friendly.
King Suddhodana kept Siddhattha in restriction as he was worried that his son might leave the palace. However, Siddhattha went out the palace, accompanied by Channa in chariot pulled by Kanthaka horse. 

Then Siddhattha unexpectedly saw the Four Sights: an old man, a sick person, a dead body and an ascetic for the first time. Channa explained about each item to his master.

Again, when Siddhattha left the palace to seek true happiness, Channa accompanied him. Though Channa did not want to leave the prince alone, he was told to go back and made known of Siddhattha's renouncement. He did so respectfully.

After Buddha's enlightenment, Channa entered the Order. But he was rudely proud of being the only companion when Buddha left the palace. He especially spoke ill of two chief disciples: Venerable Sariputta and Moggallana. Channa continued taunting them though Buddha advised and warned him repeatedly.

According to Dhammapada, Buddha uttered: "One should not associate with bad friends, nor with the vile. One should associate with good friends, and with those who are noble."

Before his Parinibbana, Buddha instructed Venerable Ananda to impose Brahma-punishment (Brahmadanda) on Channa which was for the monks to simply disregard him. Venerable Ananda told Channa about the punishment after the Buddha's Parinibbana.

With deep remorse, Channa asked pardon to the monks for his guilt. He was totally changed then. Concentrating only in his meditation practice, he soon became arahat.

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