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Wrong Livelihood (Miccha-ajiva) and Dhammiya Laddha

Ajivatthamaka Sila in which right livelihood is included as the eighth precept. Earning a living by unjust means specifies Miccha-ajiva. With abstinence from injustice and earning a living by fair means is known as right livelihood (Samma-ajiva).

Miccha-ajiva consists of three physical actions (kayaducarita) and four verbal actions (vaciducarita). It is also concerned with the following earning a living by means of:

Killing or destroying any living beings, but also injuring, assassination or torturing inclusive. It means earning one's living as a hunter, fisherman, executioner, terrorist, butcher and such like, evil deeds which are concerned with earning a wrong living, miccha-ajiva.

Stealing, taking or robbing someone's property what is not given. It is usually done for economic reason. So these acts are said to be wrong livelihood. It may be inclusive thief, pick-pocket, snatcher, extortion, gang-robber, pilferer, smuggler, evasion of taxes, exploiter, offences of stealing through lying, imitation, swindling, bribery, etc.
Illicit sexual relations that is improper action. It has not usually to do with one's living. In order to seduce a woman for the sake of profession is wrong livelihood. It means the unlawful intention of trespassing upon a person to whom one has no right of acting. For example: prostitution.

Telling lies in a business transaction, for example, in the case of false witness or advocating for unjust cause in court. The same may be said of lying (musavada), slander or divisive speech (pisunavasa), abusing or swearing (pharusavasa), and idle chatter (samphapplapa). The four kinds of words are of wrong speech. These are harmful to others. There are also other examples: earning an income by telling tales and fables as a narrator, some kinds of propaganda for defamation, idle chatting in fiction, play and film, improper occupations such as cheating, deceiving, working for a bad person and only for money, etc. are unwholesome deeds related to livelihood.
Those who observe the five precepts are free from the seven kinds of wrong livelihood. And then betting on horse race, holding cock fight, oxen fight, playing cards, gambling, etc. are really inclusive in miccha-ajiva. Miccha-ajiva is also certain even if one agreed happily with his sibling's similar business of wrong livelihood.

Moreover, in miccha-ajiva there also included the five types of business. According to Vanijja Sutta: Business (Wrong Livelihood), there are the five kinds of business that a lay follower should not engage in. Those are Business in weapons, business in human beings, business in meat, business in intoxicants, and business in poison.” __AN5.177

By abstaining from wrong livelihood, acquiring wealth in a skilful and ethical manner is known as a lawfully obtained things (Dhammiya-laddha). Properties of heritage, earning one's living by teaching, crop farming, etc. are reasonable and fair. So it is surely lawful thing that is called Dhammiya-laddha.

In the Dhammapada of verse 244, the Lord Buddha said precisely,Life is easy for one who is shameless and bold as a crow, who slanders others and is pretentious, aggressive and corrupt.

So as to see better, silly, stupid person will make proof this nature of Dhamma, because of their appropriate action, word and thought. It is indeed more and more stupid today. Due to the downstream of falsification, it is very easy for every lay person.

Therefore, we must make our own morals pure more and more. It will cut off the ducarita and miccha-ajiva. Let's try our best to live morally. By refraining from earning wrong livelihood and doing unwholesome deeds, it will be definitely easier done than said.

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