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Myanmar Buddhist Monasteries

The monastery is a meeting centre of Buddhist Community. Monks in the monastery are provided with four offerings i.e. monastery, robes, food and medicine by the donation of the individual or cooperative devotees.
Monasteries have always been free educational centres of Buddhism. They stand as self-reliance schools for the children as well as novices and monks. Every children can learn basic morals and civics, social rights and duties towards others there. It also plays the major role of Buddha's heritage, culture and social life. Monasteries provide not only free education, but also meal and lodging as necessary.
Moreover, it is the only best place that is quiet for the practice of insight meditation to attain nibbana. It is also the location where dhamma discussion and discourse carry out. Therefore, one should visit monastery and make offerings (dana), precepts (sila) and meditation (bhavana). In Singapore there is a certain monastery in which all of these meritorious deeds can be performed.
Dhamma Garden Buddhist Society 
No. 2 Jalan Kerayong, Sembawang Straits Estate, 
Singapore 759300.  
Tel: 919 86614, 98409551; +65 64055322; 
Fax: +65 67269003. 
Venerable Sayardaw U Eindacariya:  
Dhamma Raja Meditation Centre 
Block 372 Bukit Batok Street 31, # 04-376, 
Singapore 650372   Opp. Bukit Gombak Mrt  
Tel: (65) 9120 2695; 6524 6344 

Jayamangala Buddhist Vihara  
23A, Jalan Mas Puteh, West Coast Road, (near ESSO) Clementi, Singapore 128628 
Tel/ Fax: (65) 6778 1678; (65) 8123 0769 
Mahamuni Buddhist Society  
No. 264, Westwood Ave (off Jurong West Ave 5), 
Singapore 648464 
Tel: (65) 65-6777-7018, 65-6790-9279; 91852924
Nyaung Kan Aye Dhamma Society  
Block 209, Yishun Street 21, # 02-141, Singapore 760209 
Tel: (65) 8414 0977
Sasanaramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple  
Theravada Tradition, Burmese. Built in 1990.  
14 Tai Gin Road, Singapore 327873  
Tel: (65) 6251-1717 Fax: (65) 6256-0043 
Satipatthana Meditation Centre  
40 Jalan Malu-Malu, Sembawang Springs Estate, 
Singapore 769657  
Tel: (65) 67589488  
Vipassana Meditation Centre (Singapore) 
251 Lavender Street, Singapore 338789 
Tel: (65) 6445 3984 
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