Saturday, January 8, 2011

Everlasting Happiness

A New Year commences once the former one comes to an end. Since then, the brand-new year is becoming older and older. But people never take notice of the disappearance of each day. They are alert only at the end of the year and greet the coming year with various desires. Without consultation, they unanimously wish to have more convenient lives and happiness throughout the year.

Regardless of race and religion, all people have desires:- 
to be financially increased,
to be famous and powerful,
to be both financially increased, famous and powerful,
to be a healthy long-lived person,
to be reborn in one of the three pleasant planes after death.
However, human beings can actually have four kinds of happiness, that is,
happiness of being wealthy,
happiness of being capable to spend for having luxurious life,
happiness of being without debt,
happiness of being innocence.
The best of four is the happiness of being innocence. It is the only stable happiness that not every one can have. A single way of obtaining this unchangeable happiness is to practise the facts which bring about prosperity and well-being as Buddha said. They are:
residing in proper location,
approaching decent people,
following the advice of decent people,
restraining one's body and mind.
They are related to each other and the most important fact is the last one: restraining body and mind. If it fails, nothing can be done good.

In addition, people have to work hard to be fully endow with faith, morality, liberality and wisdom. Faith is believing in merit and is called seed. Seed after planting perform two works-- growing root down into the soil; growing shoot up above the soil. Likewise, Faith maintain morality and practise Bhavana. Morality is restraining body and mind from doing evil. Liberality is abandoning all things without attachment. It also co-operates with others. Wisdom is knowing right and wrong. Doing the wrong or not doing the right is a misdeed.

From Dhamma aspect, old is changing into new in every second. And thus, old and new are not a bit different. Yearning to get new is the work of greedy person. As long as people wish to have the new with greed, there will be no ending of circulating in Samsara.

Precisely, people should follow the way that the Buddha led to get true happiness.

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