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Online Bibliography of Dhamma [10]

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An End to Suffering.  Dhamma Web, [n. d.] _ 26p. _ Read more
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Abhidhamma: The Abhidhammattha Sangaha of Acariya Anuruddha (Excerpt: Introduction only). Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 1993. _ 18p. _ Read more
Janakabhivamsa, Ashin (Chanmyay Sayadaw).
Vipassana Meditation Guidelines.  Alperton : Association for Insight Meditation, [n. d.] _ 5p. _ Read more
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Dhamma Web, [n. d.] _ 12p. _ Read more
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tr by Roger Bischoff . Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, 1999. _ 5p. _ Read more
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Index _ The Manual of The Factors Leading to Enlightenment; tr by Sayadaw U Nyana. Wiltshire: The Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, 1999. _ electronic version. _ Read more
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Purification & The Insight Knowledges. 2Nd ed. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 1993; Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. _ 144p. _ Read more
Pesala, Bhikkhu. What is Nibbana? Alperton: Association
For Insight Meditation, [no date] _ 6p. _  Read more
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Anatta.   Dhamma Web, [n. d.] _ 5p. _  Read more
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Dharma Education Association Inc., [n. d.] _ 99p. _ Read more
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Tin Mon, Dr Mehm. Breakthrough in Vipassana  
Meditation.  Dhamma Web, [n. d.] _ 4p. _ Read more

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