Saturday, July 30, 2011

Online Bibliography of Dhamma [12]

Acinna, Bhaddanta (Pa-Auk Sayadaw). Characteristic, 
Function, Manifestation & Proximate Cause. Dhamma Web, [no date] _ 5p. _ Read more
Chanmyay Myaing Sayadaw. How to Develop Metta 
(Loving-Kindness); tr by May Myint Oo (Mimmi); ed by Judy Witheford. Klang: Chan Khoon San, 2008. _ 78p. _ Read more
Dhammapiya, Dr U. Nibbana in Theravada Perspective.
Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society, 2004. _ 216p. _ Read more
Dhammavasa, Venerable. Stillness of the Truth.
Meet'irigala Nissarana Vanaya, 2007. _ 37p. _ Read more
Janakabhivamsa, Sayadaw U. Anapanasati: Samatha or 
Vipassanæ? and Basic Instructions for Insight. Alperton: Association for Insight Meditation, [no date] _ 8p. _ Read more
Jeyapandita, Ven (Pilot Sayadaw). For Non Rising of
Rebirth and Perspective of Nibbana. Yangon: Moenhyn Theingi Monastery, [no date] _ 58p. _ Read more
Kornfield, Jack. Seeing Suffering Directly. Dhamma
Web, [no date]  _ 5 p. _ Read more
Ñānadhaja, U (Ledi Sayadaw). Dhamma Dīpanī_A
Manual of the Dhamma; tr by U Han Htay; ed by Bhikkhu Pesala. 3rd ed. Alperton: Association for Insight Meditation, 2006 . _ 103p. _ Read more
Panyapatipo, Phra Acharn Plien. Every Action Receives
its Result. Chiang Mai: Wat Aranyawiwake, 2006. _ 48p. _ Read more
Rathanasara, Ven Kanugolle. The Art of Giving.
Singapore: Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple, [no date] _ 32p. _ Read more
Silanandabhivamsa, Sayadaw U. Is Theravada
Buddhism for Arahantship Only? Dhamma Web, [no date] _ 3 p. _ Read more
Thanissaro Bhikkhu, comp. A Burden Off the Mind: A
Study Guide on the Five Aggregates. Dhammatalks, [no date] _ 39p. _ Read more

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