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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [55]

ကံႏွင့္လူသား / Ashin Eindaka (Tuntay Sayadaw) Yangon, 1358 B.E.
Referring to “Kammavibanga Sutta”, mentioned: how Kamma is the real personal property that manage one's life; importance of Kamma, Viriya and Panna in Loki and Lokoktara; amending oneself; discarding Mana, Tanha and Ditthi. Listen more
တရားရေတာ့ တရားႏွင့္ေပ်ာ္ / Ashin Eindaka (Tuntay Sayadaw) Yangon, 1358 B.E.
Include: doing merit in co-operation; the dependable Tri- ratana; delight of discovering the principle truth; predispo-sition; practical Vipassana with reference to“Mahakappina Bhikkhu”. Listen more
ေတာေဒယ်ပုဏၰားဝတၳဳ / U Agganyana (Kanbe phayalay kyaung) Yangon, Aug 12, 2005.
Describes the five Buddhist ideals that are hard to attain and advising to perform Dana, Sila, Samatha and Vipassa- na while one meets these ideals giving “Todeya brahmin” story as an example. Listen more
ဓမၼအစဉ္ လက္ငင္းဝင္ တရားေတာ္ / Ashin Sunanda (Dhammaransi Sayadaw) Mogok, Sep 12, 2004.
Explaining about the Anantara and Samanantara Paccaya; Dittha Dhamma Kamma_an immediate effect of strong deed (merit or demerit). Listen more
နိဗၺာန္ကို ကန္႔ကြက္တဲ့ တရားငါးမ်ဳိး / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Aug 28, 1958.
Manifestation of five future dangers that prevent from attaining Nibbana; the quickest way to escape from these dangers with reference to the story of “Susima Bhikkhu”. Listen more
ပညတ္ႏွင့္ ပရမတ္ တရားေတာ္ / Bhaddanta Saddhamma Kittisara (AungSan Sayadaw) Yangon, Feb 22, 2004.
In explaining Pannatti and Paramattha mentioned: the de- finition of Pannatti and Paramattha; Sankhata and Asan- khata Paramattha; Khandha in elaboration (five) and in brief (two); types of Pannatti; advice to relate Pannatti and Paramattha; also to observe Rupa and Nama in order to be a high level buddhist. Listen more
ပပဥၥအလိုလိုက္ သိပ္မိုက္တဲ့သား တရားတာ္ / Ashin Sunanda (Dhammaransi Sayadaw) Mogok, Sep 13, 2004.
Manifestation of Sahajata and Annamanna Paccaya to discard Papanca (Tanha, Mana, Ditthi).  Listen more
ပုထုဇဉ္ ပုဂၢဳိလ္တုိ႔၏ ေတြးလုံး / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw) Aug 26, 1958.
Explaining: the wrong thought of Puthujjana; the correct one that the Buddha stated; three dangers which one can- not avoid; how parents and children practically rescue each other from those dangers. Listen more
ေလးခုအလႊာ / U Agganyana (Kanbe phayalay kyaung) Yangon, Aug 13, 2005.
The work of Vipassana (memorize by Sanna and observe by Nana); difference between Nana eye and natural eye; why the Buddha expounded four Ahlwa _ which by knowing them dispel Vicikicca, Sakkaya and Sassata Ditthi. Listen more
သတိပဌာန္သုံးမ်ိဳး ႏွင္႔ ဝိဇၨာဉာဏ္႐ွင္းေဟာတရားေတာ္ / Bhaddanta Saddhamma Kittisara (AungSan Sayadaw) Yangon, Feb 24, 2004.
Instructing to make use of Kamma as Nana, i.e. practising Satipatthana, Satipatthana Bhavana and the end of Satipat- thana Bhavanna. Listen more

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