Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eight Benefits of Worshipping to the Buddha

A devout Worshipping to the Buddha is advantageous both in pre- sent and in future lives. By doing so, one will gain eight benefits without wishing for them. Here they are:
1. Being honoured in places where ever one goes or arrives.
2. Being intelligence.
3. Having adequate attendants and audience who gratify.
4. Having abundant wealth and luxury.
5. Being good-looking in every existence.
6. Being loved by every one because of one's appearance and nature.
7. Having firm respect and friendship from colleagues and friends.
8. Being famous.
With trust, try to pay homage to the Buddha daily, together with the recitation of "Namo Tassa" three times.
In "Tisarana Gamaniyatthera Apadan Pali", the Buddha stated, a bhikkhu who paid obeisance once to the Vipassi Buddha did not exist in Netherworld (Apaya) for one hundred thousand aeon. He was called "Ekancalika bhikkhu" in the Gotama Buddha's time.
Kelasa, Ashin (Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya). Kanni Method Samatha-Vipassana Practice. Yangon, Department of Religious Affairs, 2006.

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