Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dhamma Info (2)

Dana the Refuge
It is the cause for having all the happiness,
It is the main source of luxury and wealth,
It is the saviour of not falling to inferior state,
Certainly, the noble dana is the refuge.
The way of the Donor
The donor has properly built a stairway to the celestial realms.
The donor has properly packed the noble provisions.
The donor has properly constructed the direct way to good distination.
The donor has the cause to attain Nibbana.
The benefits of Six kinds of Dana
Donating alms-food means donating energy.
Donating clothing means donating good appearance.
Donating vehicle means donating pleasantness.
Donating light means donating vision.
Donating monastery means donating everything.
Expounding the dhamma means exclusively donating Nibbana.
Of all the donations dhamma gift is truly the noblest.
Kundalabhivamsa, Ashin (Saddhammaransi Sayadaw). Mottos; compiled by Ma Aye Myint.

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