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Theravada Audio Dhamma (19)

Silakkhandabhivansa, Bhaddanta (Tipitakadhara Mawkyun Sayadaw). ပယ္သတ္သင့္တာ ပယ္သတ္ပါ။ [Discard What It Should Be]. Singapore, 14 April 2013.
Mentioned: facts to avoid for the unity of an organization; things to discard i.e. Tahna, conceit, Michha Ditthi_ Sassata and Uccheda Ditthi, twelve Ayatana, Nandi Raga and five Nivarana.  Listen more
Silakkhandabhivansa, Bhaddanta (Tipitakadhara Mawkyun Sayadaw). ဘဝသံသရာ တိုေစပါ။ [Shorten Bhava Samsara]. Singapore, 13 April 2013.
Manifestation of ways to shorten Samsara; Vipassana practice; a brief method to dispel Sakkaya Ditthi.  Listen more
Sobhana, Ashin (Shweminwun Sayadaw). ေဒြသဟာယက ဝတၳဳ။ [Dwei Sahayaka Story]. [no date]
With reference to the story of two monk friends, mentioned the importance of mindfulness in meditation and advise to practise according to the instruction of the teacher.  Listen more
Sobhana, Ashin (Shweminwun Sayadaw). ေသာတာပန္ျဖစ္ရန္ အေၾကာင္းေလးတန္။ [Four Causes to be a Sotapanna]. 1371 B.E.
Include: the extraordinary character of a Sotapanna; four causes to become a Sotapanna; characteristics of virtuous person and the evil one.  Listen more
Suria, U (Shwemann Sayadaw). ငရဲၾကီး႐ွစ္ထပ္(ဥပမာျပ) သစၥာ တရားေတာ္။ [Sacca_Eight Planes of Nirana Shown as an Example]. Yangon, 25 December 2007.
Elucidation of Eight Planes of Nirana including_ name; size, life span, sufferings and cause of existing; way to avoid Nirana; seven fires.  Listen more
Suria, U (Shwemann Sayadaw). ဘုရားမွာေသာစကားသုံးခြန္း။ [The Three Advices of the Buddha]. London, 19 May 2007.
Include: a conversation between the Buddha and Subha Bhikkhu; four Dullaba; nine weapons necessary to follow the Buddha; history of Paticca Samuppada Circle or Elaboration of the three advices of the Buddha with three hundred and thirty three words by U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw).  Listen more
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