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Theravada Audio Dhamma (20)

Javana, Ashin (Metta Shin). ပထမနိဗၺာန္။ [The First Nibbana]. Yangon, 1367 B.E.
Include: the cause of cleverness; difference between Triple Gems and Five venerable persons to pay gratitude; propagation of Sasana; whether worshipping Shin Upagutta is right or wrong; suggestion to avoid making the sculpture of Dekkhinasakha; comparison of casting into Apaya by Pancanantariya Kamma and Miccha ditthi; defects of sensuality; attaining the First Nibbana.
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Javana, Ashin (Metta Shin). ျပံဳးေသမဲ့ေသ။ [Smile Death, Wry Death]. Yangon, 1365 B.E.
Mentioned: the miseries of pregnancy and death; three types of Marana; dispelling Loba and Dosa Kilesa; eight Rupa Dhatu; practical elimination of Ditthi; brief Vedananupassana practice.  Listen more
Nyanissara, Dr Ashin (Sitagu Sayadaw). သံေဝဂဉာဏ္ႏွင့္ သံေဝဂ ဘာဝနာ။ [Samvega Nana and Samvega Bhavana]. [no date]
Explained: the usefulness of a corpse; four Samvega Nana; benefits of Samvega Bhavana; the sequence of the Dhamma that the Buddha preached (Dana Katha, Sila Katha, Sakka Katha, Adinava Kammanta Katha, Nikkhama Katha and Sacca Katha); changing Samvega Nana into Dhamma Cekkhu Nana with an example story about a rich man's son Rassa.  Listen more
Nyanissara, Dr Ashin  (Sitagu Sayadaw).  အိုသည့္ တိုင္
ေအာင္ေကာင္းမယ့္ တရား။ [Dhamma Which Will Be Good Until Old Age]. Kyauktan, 14 November 2011.
Described: how firm the Dhamma is; four Dhamma which will be good until old age_Sila, Saddha, Panna and Ponnya.  Listen more
Sumangala, U (Daeou Sayadaw). ပဗၺတူပမသုတ္။ [Pabbatupama Sutta]. Mandalay, 6 October 2006.
Advising to practise Vipassana in time to have true happiness referring to “ Pabbatupama Sutta”.  Listen more
Sumangala, U (Daeou Sayadaw). ဝကၠလိသုတၱန္။ [Vakkali Sutta]. Mandalay, 7 October 2006.
Urging to perform Vipassana in order to escape from Samsara with reference to “Vakkali Sutta”.  Listen more
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