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Theravada Audio Dhamma (21)

Nandamalabhivamsa, Dr. Bhaddanta (Rector, ITBMU). စိတ္ကို ေလ့လာသုံးသပ္ျခင္း။ [Observation of Mind]. Yangon, 1370 B.E.
Explained: two persons who can pause the process of mind; mind in human life; cause of wholesome and unwholesome consciousness.  Listen more
Nandamalabhivamsa, Dr. Bhaddanta (Rector, ITBMU). နာမ္တရားကို ေလ့လာသုံးသပ္ျခင္း။ [Observation of Nama]. Yangon, 1370 B.E.
Regarding to Namma, explained: definition; location, base and formation.  Listen more
Pannissara, Dr Ashin (Dhammaduta, Bago). ေဖၚမဲ့ ခရီးသည္။ [Unaccompanied Traveller]. Daiku, 8 December 2006.
Include: Maranassati_consideration of death; Buddha's way of observing Maranassati; process of life; two journeys that one has to travel without companion; what true happiness and misery are.  Listen more
Pannissara, Dr Ashin (Dhammaduta, Bago). ျမတ္ဗုဒၶ၏ အယူဝါဒ အလုပ္ေပးတရားေတာ္။ [The Doctrine of the Buddha]. Bago, 16 December 2005.
Mentioned: the doctrine of the Buddha (i.e. discarding Tanha); results of discarding and not discarding Tanha.  Listen more
Vimala, U (Mogok Sayadaw). လူမိုက္ႏွင့္ လူလိမၼာခြဲျခားပုံ။ [Differentiation Between Unwholesome and Wholesome Persons]. Amarapura, 28 December 1959.
Include: difference between unwholesome and wholesome persons; Vipassana Magga and Lokuttara Magga.  Listen more
Vimala, U (Mogok Sayadaw). ေသာတာပန္တည္နည္း တရားေတာ္။ [How to Become a Sotapanna]. Amarapura, 31 December 1959.
Explaining the view of Sotapanna.  Listen more
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