Saturday, August 22, 2009

Downstream: the Sublime States of Parents

Mother has to take care of what she does and doesn't during the period of pregnancy. Parents radiate loving kindness (metta) towards their foetus in the womb. Meanwhile parents look after the better living and eating for their unseen baby.

Parents are aware of everything day by day, month by month. It seems to be very tired, but they will be feeling happy. At that moment, parents wish that the embryo would be free from sickness and diseases, that the baby be born properly with full organs and has complete body parts.

The pregnant mother has to pay attention continuously to herself on living, sitting, eating and so on. On either side, the responsible father also tries his best for finding ways and means to earn money, that makes everything in their family. The parents' actions are in unison. These are efforts of parents prior to their baby's presence.

After that it's no need to say how hard the mother give birth to a child. On the other hand, the father is very anxious for a moment about his child's health. In most cases parents feel compassion (karuna) when they hear their little baby's crying. They always prevent the harms from the mosquito-biting or any reason.

The baby is growing gradually. He starts smiling, laughing, sitting, walking, running, playing etc. Before long, the baby can speak, sit and run. He plays happily alone with a toy, or even with other baby friends, or other elder ones. On this account, the parents feel empathetic joy (mudita).

The baby comes of age day by day. To get better way of living, parents educate their children at schools. Parents have to provide their children with the educational facilities. After having educated, the adolescent son gets married and stands on his legs. On this occasion, parents feel equanimity (upekkha) on their children.

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