Saturday, August 15, 2009

Incredible Strength of Parents

Many people are correlative in connection with each other. It is true. This is done in accordance with the Buddha's words: ''Monks, it's not easy to seek one who has not been formerly your relatives, such as mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son etc.'' Hence no one can say that appreciation and gratitude were no concern of us. The Buddha also showed gratitude as in Pali ''katannuta'' in Mangala sutta.

Most people can be indebted to somebody. Especially there is a gratitude to the parents. The parents look after their children physically, verbally and mentally throughout the life. Care for their children is very great, grand and gorgeous. It is an incredible experience. One's early childhood did not comprehend how hard parents had been struggled. At the same time, the children were not grateful to their parents for taking care of them. They were enjoying their parent's attending to them a lot. However, parents do not presume that they are utterly fatigued.

The mother carries baby foetus in her womb for ten months. She also removes from baby his urine, excrement, spittle, snot etc. without disgust as if it were yellow sandalwood. And then she plays with her baby in her lap or carries him about at her hip. Simultaneously, his father has to take risks for the baby such as going battles, sailing and other difficulties to make a pile of wealth. In this way the two parents bring their baby up together.

The twos know how hard it is, but nevertheless will be brave enough. These are naturally formed incredible strength of parents.

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