Saturday, August 29, 2009

Five Names of Parents

Gotama Buddha gave five names to parents such as:-
(1) Brahma, (2) Pubbadevata, (3) Pubbacariya, (4) Ahuneyya, (5) Puratthimadisa.

Loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity are the sublime qualities of Brahma. Similarly everybody can know and find the same qualities within parents. So the Buddha said that parents were called Brahma.

And then even to the married son, the parents have not lessen the sublime states of mind. Like a deity, parents can also forgive the faults of their children and find means to help him. No matter how great he commits sin, parents always forgive. That is why, our Buddha named the parents as a Pubbadevata (deity).

The children grow in age with ignorance. Thus, they need ones who are their own first teachers. These first teachers will introduce them to the incredible world. Most children were taught how to act physically, verbally and mentally. This is called three kamma, viz: kaya kamma, vaci kamma and mano kamma. At the same time, the children can speak, sit, walk, eat and drink by the help of parents. So the Buddha pointed out the parents as the first teachers, Pubbacariya.

The teaching is not only to demarcate the good from the bad, but also love from hatred, polite from rude, and respect from disrespect. Therefore parents are worthy of offerings from children. The Buddha also nominated that parents are Arhuneyya in this aspects.

The parents make sure to provide their children with whatever helps the children might need. No matter how cost it was, parents search by any means and support them. As a result of this responsibility, the Buddha recognized parents as Puratthimadisa (east direction).

So, youngsters of today had better consider would-be parents with five names.

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