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Audiography on Theravada Dhamma Discourses [19]

ႏၵာဓိပတိ / Dr. Bhaddanta Nandamalabhivamsa (Rector, ITBMU). Yangon, [no date]
Manifestation of chandadipati giving Bodhisatta Sumeda hermit and Gotama Buddha who with held death to preach Subhadda (the last to become arahant just before the Buddha's Parinibbana) as examples; eight necessary facts to obtain Explicit Prophecy. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 01: 07>
ေနာင္တ (၁၀) ပါး / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhamma Duta).Yangon, 1358 (B.E.)
Mentioning ten types of regret that the Buddha preached to King Kosala: (1) not earning money when young, (2) not acquiring knowledge when young, (3) breaking affectionate friends, (4) killing, (5) adultery, (6) not performing donation, (7) not following advice, (8) not learning from wise person, (9) not looking after the parents, (10) not practising dhamma with slogans and variety of example stories. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 05: 05>
ပါရဂူ / Dr Ashin Chekinda (Dhammaduta) Yangon, Feb 18, 2004.
What “Paragu” means; six types of Paragu that the Buddha stated, urging to be a “Paragu”. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 01: 08>
ျဖစ္ပ်က္ရႈနည္း သင္ေပးပုံ အလုပ္ေပးတရား / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw). [no date]
To decide by nana and believe what khanda tells; describing how nana (vipassana) follows Khanda (Anicca) and finally gain Nirodha sacca. <Dhammadownload အလုပ္ေပး (): 09>
ျမတ္ဗုဒၶေဒသနာႏွင့္ ယေန႕ကမာ/ Dr. Bhaddanta Nandamalabhivamsa (Rector, ITBMU). [no date]
The Buddha's teachings of loki and lokuttara benefits, conditions that bring perfect happiness at present and after death; urging to perform Vipassana practice. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 01: 11> 
ေ၀ဒနာႏုပႆနာ ရႈပြားနည္း (၀ါးႏွစ္လုံးပြတ္ ဥပမာျပ) / U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw). [no date]
Explaining that vipassana practice is a self-reliant work and that the result will follow by itself with an example of making fire by rubbing two green bamboos, urging to observe the appearance and disappearance of one's mind. <Dhammadownload အလုပ္ေပး (): 12>
သိသူမပါလမ္းမသာ / Dr Ashin Chekinda (Dhammaduta) Yangon, Aug 26, 2003.
How guidance is important in doing all things; three kinds of Saddha: Pa-sanna saddha, Okappa saddha and Adhigama saddha; mitta kammatthana; striving to attain Nibbana. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 01: 06>
သခၤါရႏွင့္ လကၡဏာ / Ashin Pannajota (Taunsunn, Dhamma Duta). Taungoo, 1359 (B.E.)
What are five aggregates?; correct way of observing rupa and nana. <Dhammadownload Mp3 Disc 04: 07>
အေမွာင္ ၅ စင္း အလင္း ၅ ခ်က္ [၁] (ပဋိစၥသမုပၸါဒ္ သင္တန္း) / U Eindavudabhivamsa (Htoogyi Sayadaw). Aungpan, Jun 12, 2005.
Five kinds of darkness (Avijja); what loka is, three lokas: Sankhara, Okasa and Satta loka; errors of Puthujjana; clarification of Avijja that covers Kammassakata nana. <Dhammadownload Mp3 DVD Disc 01: 09>
အေမွာင္ ၅ စင္း အလင္း ၅ ခ်က္ [၂] (ပဋိစၥသမုပၸါဒ္ သင္တန္း) / U Eindavudabhivamsa (Htoogyi Sayadaw). Aungpan, Jun 13, 2005.
Vipassana nana and Magga nana; to discard Ditthi first to gain Nibbana; Enlightenment of Avijja that covers rupa and nana, example story: Pancakadayaka Brahmin_a Brahmin who donated the foremost things. <Dhammadownload Mp3 DVD Disc 01: 11>

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