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Ovāda Pāṭimokkha Gatha (The Buddhas' Teaching)

Every Buddha's Teaching deals with the duties of the disciples who have ordained in line with the Buddha's instructions. However, these practices also apply to the lay people as well. Everyone can take these practices and train themselves to become good.

On one occasion, Venerable Ananda asked the Buddha whether the Fundamental rules to disciples given by the early Buddhas were the same as those of the Blessed One himself. Then the Buddha said to him that the rules preached by all the Buddhas were the same as shown in the following verses (gatha):
Khantī paramaṃ tapo tītikkhā
Nibbānaṃ paramaṃ vadanti buddhā,
Na hi pabbajito parūpaghātī
Na samaṇo hoti paraṃ viheṭhayanto.
Forbearance is the best austerity,
"Nibbana is Supreme", said the Buddhas.
He is not one gone forth who harms another.
He is not a recluse who molests others.

Sabbapāpassa akaraṇaṃ,
Kusalassa upasampadā,
Etaṃ buddhāna sāsanaṃ.
The non-doing of any evil,
The performance of what is meritorious,
To purify one's own mind:
This is the the Buddhas' teaching.

Anūpavādo anūpaghāto
Pāṭimokkhe ca saṃvaro
Mattaññutā ca bhattasmiṃ
Pantañca sayan'āsanaṃ.
Adhicitte ca āyogo:
Etaṃ buddhāna sāsananti.
Not insulting, Not harming,
Restraint in line with the monastic rules (Patimokkha)
Moderation in food,
Dwelling in a secluded place,
Devotion to mindful intent by means of meditation:
This is the Buddhas' teaching.

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