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Theravada Audio Dhamma (13)

Candavara, Bhaddanta (Hlaing Mahasi Sayadaw). မီး
လြတ္စားေသာက္ နိဗၺာန္ေရာက္။ [Eating by Consideration with Wisdom]. Yangon, 17 Mar 1986.
Include: eleven fires and ten Kilesa; way of having food by consideration with wisdom and how it leads till Nibbana discarding all Kilesa.  Listen more
Candavara, Bhaddanta (Hlaing Mahasi Sayadaw). ဥပုသ္
သည္ငါးဦး တရားေတာ္။ [Five Persons who Observe
Uposatha Sila]. Yangon, 26 Dec 1986.
Referring to "Pancuposatha Jataka" (a story about five persons: hermit, pigeon, snake, fox, bear who observe Uposatha Sila), explained that keeping Sabbath is the tradition of wise people; reason of observing Uposatha Sila; quality of Vipassana practice; advantage of being in the Buddhist Era and disadvantage of being in period beyond the Buddhist Era.  Listen more
Jayatissa, Dr Ashin (Kothaung Sayadaw). စြဲလန္းမႈမွာ
ေၾကာက္ စရာ။ [Clinging is Fearful]. Yangon, 4 Mar 2009.
Explained: ten Kilesa; four types of Upadana (clinging); cause of clinging and how it is fearful giving the story of "Tissa Bhikkhu" as an example; way to avoid clinging.  Listen more
Jayatissa, Dr Ashin (Kothaung Sayadaw). ေမ႑ကသူေဌး။
[A Rich Man Mandaka]. Yangon, 5 Sep 2007.
With reference to a rich man Mandaka and his family member's story, mentioned: the similes of Dana; four facts in achieving dana; six features necessary to be a perfect Dana; four immediate benefits of Dana; advice to perform Dana, Sila and Bhavana in order to attain Nibbana.  Listen more
Pannasihabhivamsa, Ashin. စိတ္ဆုံးမပါမွ နိဗၺာန္ရ။ [Nibbana Can Only Be Attained by Disciplining One's Mind]. ၁၃၇၂။
Include: titles which are difficult to get; how mind is hard to discipline; way to discipline mind.  Listen more
Pannasihabhivamsa, Ashin. အေဝစၥပသာဒ။ [Avaccapasada]. ၁၃၇၂။
Described: the meaning of Aviccapasada; benefits of respecting elders and honourable persons; way of preventing from danger. Listen more

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