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Theravada Audio Dhamma (14)

Acinna, Bhaddanta (Pa-Auk Sayadaw). ဒါန။ [Dana]. 12 June 2002.
Include: Chalanga Dana; types of Dana that the
Buddha liked most; the one who practises to
discard Raga, Dosa and Moha.  Listen more
Acinna, Bhaddanta (Pa-Auk Sayadaw). လိစၧဝီကုမာရက
သုတၱန္။ [Liccavikumaraka Sutta]. 19 July 1997.

Described: five ways of prosperity that the Bud-
dha preached to Liccavi princes; characteristics
of a person who will do to prosper; the teaching
which the Buddha repeatedly mentioned; five
eyes of
the Buddha.  Listen more
Silanandabhivamsa, Dr Ashin. ရတနာသုံးပါး။ [Triple Gems]. US, 10 Jun 1991.
Mentioned: the benefits of Saranagamana; fading
of Saranagamana; signs seen prior to death; what
to do for one who is near to death; The Buddha is
not God.  Listen more

Silanandabhivamsa, Dr Ashin. သင္တန္းမိတ္ဆက္။ [Introduction]. US, 9 Jun 1991.
Include: historical evidence of the Buddha;
explanation of Saranagamana; gist of Sarana-
gamana; ways of establishing Saranagamana;
breaking of Loki Sarana- gamana; three kinds
of discarding Kilesa.  Listen more

Vilasagga, Ashin (Saddhammaransi). စကား
ေကာင္းေကာင္း ေျပာ [Right Speech]. Yangon, 14 Jun 2005.

Include: right speech; importance of right speech;
speaking with mindfulness; four characteristics
to speak.  Listen more

Vilasagga, Ashin (Saddhammaransi). တရားအလုပ္ဆိုတာ သမၼာ ဒိ႒ိအလုပ္။ [The Work of Dhamma is a Sammaditthi]. [n.d.]
Explained: Sammaditthi, Micchaditthi and
Samutisacca; how Sammaditthi and Upada-
nakkhanda are formed; importance of Samma-
ditthi in Dhamma work; destroying the Atta
Ditthi system.  Listen more

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