Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dhamma Info (1)

Khandha_ Chicken egg
Khandha is more destructive than chicken egg.
Pannissara, Dr. Ashin (Dhammaduta, Bago). စိတ္မနာပါေစနဲ႔
Khandha_ Cotton
Cotton floats along the direction of wind. Like wise, people waver and do what other one says. It is better to decide what Khandha tells by one's wisdom.
Vimala, U (Mogok Sayadaw). ျဖစ္ပ်က္႐ႈနည္း တရားေတာ္
Khandha_ Earthen pot
Earthen pot is breakable. So does Khandha.
Pannissara, Dr. Ashin (Dhammaduta, Bago). ေျမအိုးပမာ ဤခႏၶာ
Khandha_ Excrement pit
Khandha is rotten like an excrement pit.
Vayaminda, U (Myauk-U Sayadaw). သစၥာသိ၍ က်င့္သုံးရန္ 

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