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Theravada Audio Dhamma (16)

Janeiya, Bhaddanta (Myaseintaung Sayadaw). ႏွလုံးသြင္းမွန္မွ တရား ရ။ [Wise Attention Realizes the Truth of Teaching]. Yangon, [nodate]
Include: three images in Putujjzna's eyes; viewing Khandha with Ariya eyes; how Tanha and Mana (conceit) make one to circulate in Samsara; way to have wise attention; causes of Sanvega Nana. Listen more
Janeiya, Bhaddanta (Myaseintaung Sayadaw). ေသျခင္းတရား။ [Death]. 3 Oct 2007.
Mentioned: four types of pregnancies and death; five kinds of existences and unsuitable works to make a living; disadvantages of not listening to the Dhamma and not practising insight knowledge; advantages of listening to the Dhamma and doing Meditation; Maranassati.  Listen more
Jatila, U (Kyanikan Sayadaw). မိဘဂုဏ္ရည္ သားမွာတည္။ [Attributes of Parents Depend upon Children]. Pyay, 1338 B.E.
Mentioned how attributes of parents depend upon children with an example story; disadvantages of marriage for women.  Listen more
Jatila, U (Kyanikan Sayadaw). ဝိပၸလႅာသတရား (၁၂) ပါး။ [Twelve Vippallasa]. Yangon, 1 Sep 1976.
Include: why the Buddha was so called; summary of Sasana that the every Buddha mentioned; Kusala and Akusala; twelve Vippallasa.  Listen more
Vasitthabhivamsa, Ashin (Kyauktalone Sayadaw). မဂၢင္ရထား နိဗၺာန္သြား။ [Magga Vehicle that Leads to Nibbana]. Moulmein, 15 Aug 2006.
Definning Nibbana; benefits of listening to the Dhamma; explanation of how Magga Nana leads to Nibbana.  Listen more
Vasitthabhivamsa, Ashin (Kyauktalone Sayadaw). လမ္းဆုံး သံသရာ အျမန္႐ွာ။ [Search the End of Samsara Fast]. Moulmein, 3 Aug 2006.
Described the definition of Samsara and way to shorten it. Listen more

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